We are excited to share information on nominations for the first-ever National Co+op Grocers Climate Collaborative Awards! These awards give Climate Collaborative committed companies a platform for recognizing leaders in the natural products industry as well as the opportunity to be recognized for their own accomplishments. 

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Together with our awards partner National Co+op Grocers (NCG), as part of Climate Day 2018 at Expo West we will be celebrating the ambition of trailblazing companies and individuals that are leading the way on responding to climate change.

We want you to be part of it!

These awards are a unique way to recognize accomplishments and inspire greater leadership on climate change in the natural products industry.

Awards will be given in three categories. We encourage companies to nominate themselves or another company or individual, in one or all categories, as applicable:

  • Outstanding Company: Awarded to brands, retailers or other companies that have demonstrated best practice, rapid progress on climate action, and/or a new approach to climate change management. Only Climate Collaborative committed companies are eligible for this award. Nominate for Outstanding Company
  • Outstanding Value Chain Engagement: Awarded to brands, retailers or other companies that are demonstrating best practice and ambition in climate action in a particular area across the value chain, from sourcing and supplier engagement to consumers. Only Climate Collaborative committed companies are eligible for this award. Nominate for Outstanding Value Chain Engagement
  • Outstanding Influencer: Awarded to a key company, organization or individual that has taken substantial action to help the industry act on climate change. Nominees do not need to be affiliated with a Climate Collaborative committed company. Nominate for Outstanding Influencer

You can view more details and see the full awards criteria in the nomination forms linked above. To make nominations, please fill out the nominations forms no later than Friday, December 29, 2017. Please be as specific as possible in answering the nomination questions.

Who can be nominated?

To be eligible for the Outstanding Company or Outstanding Value Chain Engagement awards, nominees must make at least three commitments to action through the Climate Collaborative, must be willing to demonstrate meaningful and quantifiable climate impacts in at least one commitment area, and must be willing to publicly share their story.  

Companies of all sizes and from every part of the natural products industry — from brands to retailers, distributors and manufacturers – are welcome to make nominations.

The Outstanding Influencer award is open to individuals, organizations, service providers, or companies. Anyone can be nominated for this award, as long as they have taken steps to influence and drive action on climate change across the natural products industry in some way.

How will the award recipients be recognized?

Recipients will be celebrated at an awards ceremony during Climate Day 2018 at Expo West — March 7, 2018. The Climate Collaborative and NCG will also profile recipients through a press release, social media, and other communications around the awards announcement at Expo West.

RSVP to Climate Day 2018!

"In just a few short months, the Collaborative has already brought together a robust community of bold innovators committed to sharing ideas and practical tools that move us forward to address climate change. As the news cycle shakes us with devastating and unprecedented weather events, this is exactly the kind of hope and practical action that we, our employees, and the consumers we serve need. We look forward to honoring our peers for their efforts with the first ever National Co+op Grocers Climate Collaborative Awards at Expo West!" — Robynn Shrader, CEO, National Co+op Grocers


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