We are excited to share the link and information for our annual update request for all committed companies! This is our primary mechanism for tracking how companies are progressing against Climate Collaborative commitments! We have built it out to be as easy to complete as possible, and to avoid duplicating other reporting you are doing. Please see below for common questions you may have as you fill it out.

You can find and fill out the update here.

What is the tracking progress update?

Once a year, the Climate Collaborative is asking committed companies to provide us with an update on your climate actions by filling out a short survey. This information enables us to track and share the impact that companies are having as they work toward implementing their climate commitments.

How long do I have to fill it out?

We ask that you fill it out as soon as possible, though we will keep the survey open until June 2019.

What do I need to provide?

Only one response is needed per company, and you only need to provide information for the commitments your company has made. If you’ve forgotten which commitments you’ve made, visit our website or email [email protected].

No measurement or metrics reporting is required, and we have kept the update as short as possible to remove any reporting burden on your end. We are just asking three brief questions on your progress across the Climate Collaborative commitments your company has made. We do hope you’ll fill out these questions as accurately and completely as possible.

How will this information be shared?

Don’t worry—we won’t publish anything on your company without your explicit permission. Any information you provide will be anonymous and confidential.

Is filling out the survey required?

All Climate Collaborative committed companies are expected to provide a short annual update on their progress. However, if you made commitments in the last quarter (since January 1, 2019), reporting is optional this year, and you will be asked again to respond next year.

What if we haven’t made any progress yet?

If you haven’t made any progress, please still let us know where you are in your journey to implement commitments (i.e. you haven’t done anything yet, or you are still in the planning stage). You’ll also be able to provide context and information on any challenges to implementation you’re encountering, from resource barriers to financial constraints and more.

What if I’m already reporting through other platforms?

That’s great--let us know! We ask as part of the questionnaire and are aiming to reduce any duplication in reporting. We encourage you to submit other reporting you do (through your website, SFTA, B Lab, or others, alongside the survey. You can copy/paste this into the survey or email it to [email protected].

What else do I need to know?

You are good to go! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions though.

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