This Sunday is Earth Day, and we have a challenge for you: We know a lot of you are already walking the walk on climate, but we want you to help us spread the "talk" as well. Keep the movement in the natural products industry growing this month by talking with a peer or supplier about what they can be doing to advance climate action. We would like to shout-out Glen's Garden Market in DC for leading the charge and inviting all 75+ of their brands to make climate commitments!

If you missed Climate Day last month or want to catch up on any of the sessions, we now have them all uploaded on our website; check them out here:!

This month we are also asking committed companies to complete their first annual update on the progress they are making against their climate actions. This information will be vital in helping us understand how to better meet the needs of companies through our programming offerings, and we thank each of you in advance for completing it!




Welcome to the newest companies making commitments, Propagate Ventures, Renewal Mill, Bumbleroot Foods, Terra Genesis International, Clover Sonoma, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, 1908 Brands, Good Earth Natural Foods, Pure Strategies, Beneficial Results LLC, Blue Henry, Pipsnacks, AgriForce Seed, Khala Cloths, Daabon Organic, Inc., Modern Species, RSF Social Finance, The Jackfruit Company, Bhakti Chai, The GFB: Gluten Free Bar, Infield Market, and Doctor D's Sparkling Probiotic! Click here for a complete list of the companies that have made commitments to date.



This month talked with Dani Dhanoa, the Sourcing and Impact Manager at REBBL, to learn more about what the beverage company's deep commitment to impact sourcing. REBBL was one of the earliest companies to make commitments through the Climate Collaborative, and they have committed to agriculture, food waste, packaging, policy, deforestation, and transportation. Read their spotlight


How Google and Walmart work with utilities to procure clean power

Competitors Agree: GHG Action Along Supply Chains Is Good for Business


Case Study: Clif Bar & Company

Clif Bar & Company and the EPA Center for Corporate Climate Leadership partnered to share best practice on how Clif Bar is engaging and supporting their suppliers to reduce their emissions. With a 15+ year record of supplier engagement (since 2002), the company has learned a lot on how to maximize emissions reductions across their value chain. Learn more here!



Uncovering the Biggest Lever to Reverse Climate Change

How can we make a difference—as individuals and in our businesses? How can our industry come together to make a difference? These are two of the key questions that we asked ourselves when we created the Climate Collaborative.

Read more from Nancy Hirshberg, Chief Catalyst, Hirshberg Strategic & Co-founder of the Climate Collaborative here!





FAQs on our annual tracking progress update

We are excited to share the link and information for our annual update request for all committed companies! This is our primary mechanism for tracking how companies are progressing against Climate Collaborative commitments! We have built it out to be as easy to complete as possible, and to avoid duplicating other reporting you are doing. Read more here for common questions you may have as you fill it out.



Welcome Toolkit

We are excited to announce the launch of our Welcome Toolkit for committed companies! Inside, you'll find helpful suggestions and advice on starting your climate action plan, sharing your story, and tracking progress. If you're a committed company and interested in learning more, please email [email protected].



Climate Day Videos

Our breakout session videos from Climate Day are now available to watch! You can find them here. A HUGE thank you to New Hope Network for making these sessions available to watch from the comfort of your office or home. We hope you'll enjoy (re)watching your favorites as much as we do!




Climate Collaborative Badge

For committed companies interested in sharing their climate commitments, we've created a special Climate Collaborative Badge for you to use! It looks great in sustainability reports, web copy, and other communications around your company's climate actions. If you would like a copy to use or have questions around use of the badge or other Climate Collaborative branding issues, please email [email protected].





Webinar: Step by Step - The Climate Impact Reporting Journey

April 30, 10 AM PT // 11 AM MT // 12 PM CT // 1 PM ET

Alongside the release of our first Tracking Progress Update, the Climate Collaborative’s April webinar will delve into ways that companies can deepen their metrics and reporting practices.

Tracking progress helps companies assess where impacts are being seen and where they can still be maximized. In this webinar, we will delve into ways that companies can go deeper as they begin to track and report progress against their climate commitments. While quantitative metrics and tracking aren't a required part of our tracking progress update, we hope this will help companies looking to take their tracking one step further. Find out more and register here!

Partner event: Make it Count - How a Focus on Materiality Drives Results

April 25, 9 AM PT // 10 AM MT // 11:00 AM CT // 12 PM ET

As the practice of sustainability grows to include a plethora of best practices, reporting frameworks, and KPIs, companies must double-down on efforts to ensure their sustainability efforts are material (relevant, important) to their strategic business success. SFTA takes a special look at materiality and materiality assessment tools through the lens of the GRI, CDP, and SFTA reporting frameworks in its February webinar— Make it Count: How a Focus on Materiality Drives Results. Register here.

Partner event: Project Drawdown - One Year and Counting

May 10, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM PST

Join OSC2 on May 10 for their next installment of Future of Food with the progressive climate author/activist Paul Hawken, and two visionary leaders of the natural products industry, Sheryl O'Loughlin, CEO of REBBL, and Ahmed Rahim, CEO of Numi Tea / CoFounder of OSC2. The evening will feature an inspiring keynote by Paul Hawken, featuring updates and lessons learned since Project Drawdown's 2017 launch, as well as a candid conversation with Paul, Ahmed, and Sheryl exploring the implications for mission-driven natural products companies and their leaders. Register here.


Have you had any climate impact successes you think we should know about? Send them our way and we’ll make sure that your lessons learned benefit the whole community. 

Send us any blog or social media posts your company publishes about your experience reducing your impact on the climate and we’ll spread the word!

Twitter: @climatecoll     Instagram: @theclimatecollaborative    Facebook: /climatecollab


If you haven't already made a commitment to Climate Action please visit the Climate Collaborative website and check out the nine areas in which your company can make a commitment to bold climate action.



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