America is All In on Climate Action

Today, ahead of Saturday's five year anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement, more than 1,400+ businesses, cities, states, investors, and other U.S. institutions stood together and called for an ambitious and equitable national climate response. 

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Spotlight: Happy Family Organics' Support Farmers with the Launch of their Regenerative Farmer Fund

In 2018, we shared details on Happy Family Organics’ regenerative agriculture farmer training pilot (see the full blog here). The program set out to provide free technical support and guidance to farmers in Happy Family Organics’ supply chain on how they could shift to practices that can help store more carbon in the soil, improve watershed health, support biodiversity while also improving overall soil health and land productivity. The project fit into the brand’s larger ambition to help reverse the climate crisis through supply chain reductions and on-farm carbon sequestration.

Two years later, they've completed a second pilot and have now launched a Regenerative Farmer Fund to provide ongoing support to farmers in their supply chain. We sat down with their Sustainability Director, Katie Clark, to learn more.

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Spotlight: General Mills' Approach to Regenerative Agriculture


Mary Jane Melendez

Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer, 

General Mills

Our Director Erin Callahan caught up with Mary Jane Melendez from General Mills about their regenerative agriculture work and their plans for the future! Read their conversation below.

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Spotlight: Nutiva takes on Packaging & Regenerative Agriculture

Nutiva was one of the first companies to join the Climate Collaborative in 2017 and has made five climate action commitments, to: Regenerative Agriculture, Energy Efficiency, Food Waste, Packaging, and Transportation. They are also a champion-level donor, helping catalyze action and resource provision to our network of 660 companies. We sat down with them to check in on their climate action, detailed in their new 2019 Impact Report.

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