We are excited to share an exclusive opportunity to be part of Climate Day day in a special way--by video--showcasing your work.

We want to see your stories of climate impact. If you're interested, submit a short video, just 45 seconds or less, telling us about the positive impact and progress you’re seeing in your climate work. You can send your completed videos to [email protected]. You can find more info here.

We are looking for short clips that are focused on results--we will be editing these together into a results video, so we encourage you to use short sound bites that focus on the progress you've made, rather than information about your company.

We love quantitative numbers if you’ve got them, although they’re not required. Not sure where to set your video? We’re interested in video filmed in the field, anywhere along your supply chain, or at your headquarters. You can see examples of previous videos here.

The deadline to submit your short video is December 31, 2018. You can submit them to [email protected] as an mp4 attachment or via a dropbox link.

We will be prioritizing committed companies for this opportunity. We'll be showing these videos at Climate Day on March 5. Submission does not guarantee your video will be shown at Climate Day.

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