Our theory of change at the Climate Collaborative is: Commit, Act, Impact. We aim to inspire and support the natural products industry in moving from climate commitments, to climate action, to seeing real impacts and GHG reductions—as quickly as possible.

Now that we have seen companies make more than 500 climate commitments, we want to make sure you are aware of the programming, resources and support we offer to support implementation. We develop these opportunities in direct coordination with our programming partner, Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA).

The Climate Collaborative is a convener—providing opportunities through monthly webinars, action groups, events, blogs, resources; and lists of service providers and resources to help companies identify their own path to action and implement their commitment.


Do you need specialized support?

SFTA_logo_round_thumb.jpgFor companies looking to go deeper and get more specialized support, SFTA also offers deep experience and guidance into how to take action. SFTA assists companies (both members and non-members) to develop programs to implement their Climate Collaborative commitment(s) or to develop a systems-based sustainability plan for the whole company. Services can include:

  • Assessment of current sustainability strengths and opportunities
  • Setting priorities, goals, targets
  • Measurement systems to gauge progress
  • Education and skills development for your team
  • Supply chain engagement practices around climate change

Knowing what to look at in one’s operations, what data and statistics to keep, working with one’s supply chain, calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG), setting goals and reporting – internally and/or externally, may seem overwhelming to those starting out and even those with strategic and operational plans to address climate change impacts.  Where to start? How to improve? How to identify where your business has the greatest impact?  How to know that your actions are having positive results?

SFTA can address these questions and help you improve, innovate and increase your positive impact.  We look forward to working with you. Contact Katherine DiMatteo, [email protected] or Lisa Spicka, [email protected].



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