Summer is speeding by and Expo East will be here before you know it.

We’re planning a powerful session of climate programming with New Hope Network on Friday, September 30th at Expo East. Can you make it?

We hope you will join us for three exciting sessions!

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We so hope to see you there!


8:25 am - Investor Insights: Prioritizing Climate Considerations as Part of Your Investment Strategy (Hosted as Part of NCN Investor Kickoff)

Learn more about how investors can play a critical role in advancing climate solutions. Moderated by Patrick Smith, Managing Partner at Wolf Tree Ventures, we'll hear case studies and insights from Beatriz Franco, Managing Partner at Vita Ventures, Nick McCoy, Managing Director at Whipstitch Capital, and Michael Whelchel, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Big Path Capital, on the opportunity for investors to prioritize and accelerate climate action.

  • Patrick Smith, Wolf Tree Ventures, Moderator
  • Beatriz Franco, Managing Partner, Vita Ventures
  • Michael Whelchel, Big Path Capital
  • Nick McCoy, Whipstitch Capital

10:00 am - From Plant-Based to Pastured Meat: Exploring the Question of What Makes a Food Climate Friendly

Hear from Julia Collins, Founder & CEO at Planet FWD, Megan Meiklejohn, SVP Supply Chain Innovation of Land to Market Program at Savory Institute, and Priyanka Khole, Founder of Svaa Haa Foods, as we explore three different perspectives on what makes a food climate friendly. Moderated by Courtney Pineau, Climate Collaborative Executive Director, this conversation will share insights into how companies are approaching this dynamic issue and how they are seeking to align their climate actions with their values. 


  • Courtney Pineau, Climate Collaborative, Moderator
  • Julia Collins, Planet FWD
  • Megan Meiklejohn, Land to Market Program
  • Priyanka Khole, Svaa Haa Foods

11:30 am - Expanding Climate Action Beyond the Sustainability Department: How Leading Edge Companies Are Integrating Climate Into Business Strategy

The past two years have shown us how easy it is for climate initiatives to be sidelined by other operational priorities. This panel will explore how you can operationalize climate throughout your entire organization and by doing so have greater impact, resiliency, and buy-in from your staff and leadership. Tim Greiner, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Pure Strategies, will lead this session as we hear from Heather Terry, Co-founder & CEO at GoodSam Foods, Kate Ogden, Advocacy & Movement Builder Manager at Seventh Generation, and Sarela Herrada, Co-Founder at SIMPLi. Hear how they have engaged staff and stakeholders in their climate work, built climate into all aspects of their organizations, and how they have examined their day-to-day operations through a climate lens. Invite your operation team members to this session! 


  • Tim Greiner, Pure Strategies, Moderator
  • Heather Terry, GoodSam Foods
  • Kate Ogden, Seventh Generation
  • Sarela Herrada, SIMPLi


BFranco.jpg Beatriz Franco

 Managing Partner,
 Vita Ventures


 Courtney Pineau

 Executive Director,
 Climate Collaborative


 Heather Terry

 Founder & CEO,
 GoodSam Foods


 Julia Collins

 Founder & CEO,
 Planet FWD


 Kate Ogden

 Advocacy and Movement Building Manager,
 Seventh Generation


 Megan Meiklejohn

 SVP of Supply Chain Innovation,
 Land to Market at Savory Institute


1516250022865.jpg Michael Whelchel

 Co-founder & Managing Partner,
 Big Path Capital


 Nick McCoy

 Managing Director,
 Whipstitch Capital


Patrick_Smith_square.jpg Patrick Smith

 Managing Partner,
 Wolf Tree Ventures


Priyanka_Khole_square.jpg Priyanka Khole

 Svaa Haa Fods


 Sarela Herrada



11_PureStratV2.JPG Tim Greiner

 Co-founder & Managing Director,
 Pure Strategies





September 30, 2022 at 10:00am - 12:30pm

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