Level 200, Room 204 A

Summer is speeding by and Expo East will be here before you know it.

We’re planning a powerful session of climate programming with New Hope Network on Friday, September 22nd. Can you make it?

We hope you will join us for these exciting sessions!


10:30 am - Forest Summit: The Business and Climate Case for Assessing the Deforestation Risk in Your Supply Chain

The business and climate case for assessing the risk of deforestation has never been more critical. From international trade requirements to climate impact reductions, all companies need to identify areas in their supply chain where there is deforestation and/or forest degradation occurring. This session will provide you with the business case, tools and resources to support your work, and case studies of how companies are assessing deforestation risk to enhance supply chain transparency and resilience.

  • Caitlin Oleson, Climate Collaborative, Moderator
  • Cheryl Baldwin, Pure Strategies
  • Lisa Bronner, Dr. Bronner's

11:00 am - Forest Summit: The Climate and Trade Imperative of Making a Zero Deforestation Commitment 

Deforestation remains a significant driver of global greenhouse gas emissions and poses unprecedented challenges to our planet’s ecosystems. Increasingly, businesses are tackling deforestation through zero deforestation policies. This session will outline how you develop a meaningful zero deforestation policy and the opportunity to align your policy and action into your broader climate change strategy.

  • Corinne Shindelar, All Natural Strategies, Moderator
  • Alisha Real, UNFI
  • Ivy Schegel, Canopy

11:30 am - Forest Summit: Unlocking the Power of Forests In Your Climate Strategy through Insetting, Reforestation, and Zero Deforestation Initiatives 

Forests play a critical role in sequestering carbon, preserving biodiversity, and mitigating the effects of climate change. Tackling deforestation and/or forest degradation requires companies to address vulnerabilities in their supply chain, work directly with farmers, and to work collaboratively to meaningfully impact the preservation of forests. This session will share case studies and strategies that companies have deployed to successfully implement their forest commitment.

  • Courtney Pineau, Climate Collaborative, Moderator
  • Cheryl Baldwin, Pure Strategies
  • Ivy Schegel, Canopy

1:30 pm - What’s Your Climate Action Blueprint? Align Your Strategy and Goals for Greater Impact 

Join the Climate Collaborative and Planet FWD for the launch of the Climate Action & Innovation Matrix—a new tool to help you align your business strategy with your climate goals. In this session, Planet FWD will walk attendees through the new tool and help you identify your organization’s unique blueprint for climate action. You will also hear company perspectives on how aligning brand identity and climate strategy can lead to greater impact. Whether you are new to climate action or a leader in the space, this session will be actionable and informative in your climate and business strategy work.

  • Courtney Pineau, Climate Collaborative, Moderator
  • Alex Harden, Just Salad
  • Hannah Stefenoni, Clover Sonoma
  • Kayalin Akens-Irby, Planet FWD
  • Stephen Williamson, Forager Project

2:30 pm - Critical Farm Bill Updates and How Companies Can Engage to Advance Climate and Ag Solutions

The current Farm Bill is set to expire on September 30th, 2023. This timely Expo session will provide the latest news out of Washington, DC, on the developments related to the Farm Bill and the opportunities for your company to engage before and after the vote. This monumental legislation impacts every aspect of our agricultural system, including key issues like food access, climate resilience, and farmer livelihoods. This session is a must-attend for anyone in the food space. 

  • Jessica Hulse Dillon, Soil & Climate Alliance, Moderator
  • Colton Fagundes, American Sustainable Business Network 
  • Jenny Burns, Applegate
  • Kim Cook, National Young Farmers Coalition


Alex_Square_Headshot.jpg Alexandra Harden

 Supply Chain and Sustainability Manager,
 Just Salad


alisha.jpg Alisha Real

 Vice President ESG,


 Caitlin Oleson

 Director of Operations & Programming,
 Climate Collaborative


cheryl_square.JPG Cheryl Baldwin

 Vice President of Sustainability Consulting,
 Pure Strategies



Coulton_Fagundes_LI_Img_1562173715228.jpg Colton Fagundes

 Policy Director, Regenerative Agriculture & Clean Water, 
 American Sustainable Business Network


 Corinne Shindelar

 Board Chair,
 Climate Collaborative


 Courtney Pineau

 Executive Director,
 Climate Collaborative


Hannah.jpg Hannah Stefenoni

 Producer Relations Manager,
 Clover Sonoma


Ivy_Schlegel_headshot_June_2023.png Ivy Schlegel

 Strategic Lead for the Pack4Good,



Jenny.jpg Jenny Burns

 Senior Director, Brand Equity, Innovation & Communications,


 Jessica Hulse Dillon

 Soil & Climate Alliance


Kayalin_Akens-Irby_Headshot.jpeg Kayalin Akens-Irby

 Head of Growth,
 Planet FWD


Kim_Cook.JPEG Kim Cook

 National Organizing Manager,
 National Young Farmers Coalition


Lisa_Bronner_square.jpg Lisa Bronner

 Consumer Educator/Founder, 
 Dr. Bronner's/Going Green With Lisa Bronner


Forager.jpg Stephen Williamson

 Founder and CEO,
 Forager Project

September 22, 2023 at 10:30am - 3:30pm