JoAnne Berkenkamp

Managing Director, MBOLD initiative

Based in Minneapolis, JoAnne Berkenkamp is the Managing Director of the MBOLD initiative. MBOLD is a CEO-driven collaboration of Minnesota’s globally leading and growing base of agriculture and food companies and organizations. MBOLD works to accelerate solutions to the globally significant challenges facing the food and agriculture sectors to drive sustainability, economic growth, innovation and talent attraction and retention. JoAnne has two decades of experience working in the food, agriculture and environmental sectors in a variety of domestic and international contexts.  She most recently worked for the Natural Resources Defense Council, fueling efforts to reduce the amount of food that goes to waste. She also has worked extensively in food supply chain research and development, farm enterprise development, regional food systems and sustainable agriculture.  Berkenkamp also has a background in corporate finance and has worked in the international development field in Asia, Africa and Latin America. She holds a bachelor’s in finance from the University of Illinois and a masters from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.


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