Lisa Spicka

Interim Executive Director, Sustainable Food Trade Association


As Interim Executive Director of the Sustainable Food Trade Association and CEO of Maracuja Solutions, Lisa Spicka uses her diverse background to help members and clients develop and implement sustainable management systems. These systems increase supply chain integrity, create roadmaps to improved environmental and social contributions, measure impacts, and improve brand reputation.

Lisa has worked extensively in the United States and Latin America since 1997 in the organic food and agriculture industry. She has held operations and sustainability leadership roles for a spectrum of companies, ranging from non-profits to multi-billion dollar brands. In her roles, Lisa has led domestic and global initiatives that focus on supply chain integrity verification, food safety, organic certification, and sustainability management and strategy.

She holds a Spanish degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and graduated cum laude from Thunderbird School of Global Management, with a Global MBA in sustainable supply chain management.



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