July 2018 Newlsetter

Hello from Minneapolis! We are fired up after speaking to retailers at this year's 2018 INFRA Annual Conference and NCG Co+nvergence Conference! Good Earth Natural Foods, Sunflower Natural Foods Market, New Morning Market, and Community Food Co-op are among the retailers sharing their stories of climate leadership this week--and we've talked to scores of retailers that are figuring out how they will integrate climate change into their business planning, and work with brands to better communicate about climate with consumers!

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June 2018 Newsletter

As we kick off summer and mark the longest day of the year, we want to send out a huge thank you to our donors and committed companies that are helping transform how our industry manages climate change. 

Check out our special thank you to donors to see some of what they've helped us accomplish already.

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May 2018 Newsletter

We have a spring in our step this month at the Climate Collaborative. More than 250 companies have joined this movement by making climate commitments! Many of you are sharing your successes in implementation as part of our first Tracking Progress Update, and your responses have already made it clear that companies in this industry are acting on climate at scale. We'll be sharing more insights on the update later this year, and until then, we aren't slowing down!

We have a lot in store for the summer: We're launching our second action group, focused on retailers, a new Retailer Toolkit to support value chain engagement, holding a series of packaging webinars, and we'll be planning a Climate Action Summit at Expo East on September 12--mark your calendars, and hope to see you there!



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April 2018 Newsletter

This Sunday is Earth Day, and we have a challenge for you: We know a lot of you are already walking the walk on climate, but we want you to help us spread the "talk" as well. Keep the movement in the natural products industry growing this month by talking with a peer or supplier about what they can be doing to advance climate action. We would like to shout-out Glen's Garden Market in DC for leading the charge and inviting all 75+ of their brands to make climate commitments!

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March 2018 Newsletter

“We're not just running toward a low-carbon future because of climate change. We're running toward it because it's better,” said Climate Day keynote speaker and former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “Businesses are stepping up and saying that my customers and business must address climate change because it threatens our economy."

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February 2018 Newsletter

We are less than two weeks away from Climate Day 2018 at Expo West on March 7 - the anniversary of the Climate Collaborative's launch! It represents a huge moment for us to come together as an industry, look back at what we've accomplished so far, and set out to be even more ambitious as we look toward what we can do together to promote climate action this year.

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December 2017 Newsletter

This month at the Climate Collaborative, we want to send a big thank you out to all of you in our community. We are nearing the end of the project’s first year, and with your support, participation, and energy, we are entering 2018 with bigger and better plans to inspire and support action in the natural products industry.

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November 2017 Newsletter

Right now COP23, the UN's annual climate change conference, is winding down in Bonn Germany. Although the only official U.S. event at this year's conference promoted "clean" fossil fuels, other members of the U.S. community have demonstrated strong support for meaningful climate action throughout the conference. More than 2,500 U.S. business, investment, and government leaders have now signed the "We are still in" statement supporting the Paris Agreement, and California Governor Jerry Brown has announced that the state will be hosting next year's Global Climate Action Summit

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October 2017 Newsletter

This month at the Climate Collaborative, we have a special request for all of you who have helped the project succeed to date: Consider becoming a Climate Collaborative supporter.

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September 2017 Newsletter

From breakfast briefings to happy hours, the enthusiasm for climate action was palpable at last week’s Expo East. In the midst of the bustling trade show floor, we witnessed a passionate, fast-growing community of natural products manufacturers, retailers, distributors and brokers coming together to act on climate.

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