I hope you were able to join last week’s food waste webinar, featuring an exclusive training on the new ReFED Insights Engine. In case you missed it, here is a run-down of a fantastic set of new food waste resources to support your food waste prevention journey:

refed_chart.JPGWhy is this important? We still have a long road ahead for reducing and eliminating food waste in the United States. According to ReFED, in 2019 35% of food went uneaten or unsold. That is around 2% of US GDP, thrown away. Luckily, their research also shows just how possible eradicating food waste is—and how vital our industry’s quick action will be.

ReFED’s new Insights Engine is an open-source tool any company in our network could use—to analyze food waste solutions, quantify impacts, get connected to solutions partners, and learn about policy advocacy avenues. It’s an easy-to-use tool that you can play around with to explore solutions that work for where you sit in the food system and tailor solutions to your specific waste reduction priorities. The associated Roadmap to 2030 shows how we could focus on just seven key action areas to scale solutions over the next decade.

Investment and action on food waste could have a huge payoff: their research shows that from now to 2030, an annual investment of $14 billion would “result in $73 billion in annual net economic benefit for the country, avoid 75 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year (equivalent to 16 million cars), save 4 trillion gallons of water (more than used by the entire state of Colorado), rescue the equivalent of 4 billion meals annually for the 50 million Americans who are food insecure, [and] create 51,000 jobs over ten years.”

You can learn more on the ReFED website.

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