Explore Our Resources Below and Check out our Three Simple Steps To Climate Action

Step 1: COMMIT  |  Step 2: ACT  |  Step 3: IMPACT


The Climate Collaborative has convened nine climate commitment areas that can enable the natural products industry to come together to take action to reverse climate change. You can read about each of the nine commitment areas on the individual commitment pages linked from our Take Action page. See why other companies are taking action.

Making a commitment is the primary way for companies to get involved in the Collaborative: To finalize a commitment, companies should fill out this short intake form. What else should you know?

  • Any company can make a commitment.
  • All commitments are forward-looking; there are no prerequisites to making a commitment.
  • There is no fee to make a commitment.
  • Companies can commit to one or all of the commitment areas. To be eligible for the National Co+op Grocers Climate Collaborative Awards at Climate Day, companies must make at least three commitments.

After filling out the intake form, the Climate Collaborative will begin recognizing your company for its commitments on our website and in social media.


After making a commitment, companies can start the journey to implementation. To support companies in taking action, the Collaborative offers a number of resources:

  • Attend Climate Collaborative and partner webinars and events
  • Use our resources and tools to support your climate change actions
  • Connect with our network of partners and resource providers
  • Read blogs and case studies of other companies taking action

After committing, you will also begin to receive our monthly newsletter, which details new resources, events and corporate commitments. Email [email protected] to ensure you are receiving these updates, or to add colleagues to our list. Follow the Climate Collaborative on Twitter at @ClimateColl and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/climatecollab to stay up-to-date with the latest news and announcements.


  • Engage your peers and value chain on making commitments: To succeed in tackling climate change, companies will need to look beyond their direct operations when building emissions reduction strategies. We encourage companies to engage their peers, suppliers and consumers on the benefits of climate action, and to encourage them to get involved in projects like the Climate Collaborative. Check out our retailer toolkit to see tools on engaging your value chain. You can view webinars on supply chain engagement here and here

  • Track progress on your own commitments: Committed companies will be expected to complete an annual online questionnaire updating the Climate Collaborative on progress made against their commitment(s). The questionnaire will be short and should not be burdensome to complete. You can watch our webinar on tracking progress here, and learn more about the survey here.

  • Donate: Consider deepening your engagement with the Climate Collaborative by becoming a supporter of our work. We rely on the generous contributions of donors to allow us to continue growing the number of companies involved and building out the suite of programs and communications that keep the project going. You can learn more about the benefits of becoming a donor and indicate your support for the Collaborative by filling out and returning this pledge form.

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