ROOTING Down: Taking stock of progress and future activities

Thursday, May 31
11AM PT // 12PM MT // 1PM CT // 2PM ET

It has been over eight months since ROOTED Community was first launched. In that time, we've dug into the primary concerns and challenges that you and others in the community identified in your agriculture work, and we've convened a knowledge-sharing space and subject matter experts to help build knowledge in these areas. 

After these first successful months, in May’s ROOTED session we plan to… well, return to our roots! With your help, we'll recap past priorities and successes, explore future objectives and get your feedback to shape upcoming meeting format and content.  

Your input will be vital to this conversation! In particular, we'd love your feedback on the following points

  • How our sessions have helped you overcome challenges and deepen your work in this area;

          o What has worked well? What would you like to see more of out of these                           sessions (content, format)

  • Identifying priorities (prior or new) that are at the forefront of participants’ minds to help shape new programming content; and
  • New ideas on future formats for this group (we will provide a few options for input on this point). 

Thank you for joining this session and continuing to ensure that this is a valuable, dynamic climate action group! If you can't join, we hope you'll consider providing feedback by email to us. 

BACKGROUND: Rooted Community  

The Rooted Community is a practitioners group designed to build capacity, knowledge, and collaboration on carbon farming commitments among natural products companies.  

Robust carbon farming practices as a goal and ambition have captivated consumers and companies alike; 114 companies have made an Agriculture Commitment to boost their agriculture practices through the Climate Collaborative. Many of our committed companies have joined the ROOTED Community to learn from each other and grow together in skill and capacity on carbon farming. ROOTED is a series of facilitated gatherings with the purpose of cultivating a knowledge-sharing space and encouraging collective inspiration, troubleshooting, and collaboration. Please email us to learn more or to join if your company has made an agriculture commitment. 

The Climate Collaborative produces and leads these sessions, with advising and input from the Sustainable Food Lab, who are industry leaders in this space. These interactive sessions feature content expertise from within and outside the group. The sessions focus on moving companies from ambition to results, and content addresses: 

  • Quantification of carbon farming results and impacts 
  • Engagement and resilience at the producer level 
  • Collaborations in specific crops/regions 
  • How to address business model impacts as a result of implementation 
  • How to tell your carbon farming story 
May 31, 2018 at 11:00am - 12pm

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