The Operations, Advantages, and Challenges of Global Agroforestry Projects

Wednesday, November 14
10AM PST // 11AM MST // 12PM CST // 1PM EST

November’s Rooted Community session will combine a fresh look on carbon-sequestering Agroforestry practices and the ability for member input and collaboration via a review of Dr. Bronner’s. Ryan Zinn, Organic & Fair Trade Coordinator for Dr. Bronner’s, will spend a portion of the session introducing the Coconut and Palm agroforestry projects they are developing in Ghana and Samoa.

Ryan will dive deep into project logistics—who is involved, how support was garnered and targeted outcomes. The perceived environmental, social, and economic benefits of this dynamic forestry system will also be reviewed. Finally, group discussion can help tease out ideas and solutions to the challenges and opportunities the projects are presenting, These challenges include topics such as entrenched cultural thinking around monocropping, and how to capitalize on secondary crops (i.e. turmeric) being grown.

Thanks again for your participation! 

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November 14, 2018 at 10:00am - 11am

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