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Our Journey to Integrate Carbon Farming into your supply chain

Agriculture_icon.jpgRobust carbon farming practices as a goal and ambition have captivated consumers and companies alike; in fact, 50 companies have made a commitment to boost their agriculture practices through the Climate Collaborative.

Many committed companies have expressed interest in learning from each other and growing together in skill and capacity. To answer this call, the Climate Collaborative is introducing a facilitated series of gatherings with the purpose of cultivating a knowledge-sharing space, and encouraging collective inspiration, troubleshooting and collaboration to allow natural products companies to progress individually and collectively towards a regenerative future.

The Sustainable Food Lab will host and facilitate these interactive sessions featuring content expertise from within and outside the group. The sessions will focus on moving companies from ambition to results in their carbon farming practices. Content will address: 

− measurement to quantify regenerative agriculture, 
− resilience in small-holder supply chains
− collaborations in specific crops/regions

Our first virtual meeting will take place on September 8th, at 1pm EDT and is open to all companies who have made the agriculture commitment through the Climate Collaborative.

Interested in joining? Please contact Lisa Spicka ([email protected]) for more information, and to be included in this ground-breaking action group!

Thanks to Patagonia for sponsoring a portion of this work!

September 08, 2017 at 1:00pm - 3pm

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