Aside from making the most amazing soap, Dr. Bronner’s is near and dear to our hearts because of their long-time involvement in climate action and “humble and mindful use of the earth’s gifts.”

drbronners-logo-vert.pngOne of the Climate Collaborative’s founding companies and supporters, Dr. Bronner’s has long been actively engaged in addressing its impact on the climate, especially in the following five commitment areas: agriculture, forests, packaging, renewable energy and transportation. At Climate Day, they announced their new commitments to energy efficiency, food waste, and policy.

One of the things that sets Dr. Bronner’s apart from most companies is its comprehensive approach to each commitment, looking beyond their own corporate facilities to delve deeply into the impact of their suppliers. This is important because as much as 60-80% of a company’s climate impact accumulates in its supply chain.

Dr. Bronner’s uses mostly certified organic and fair trade raw materials from its own projects and from partner projects. They work closely with their suppliers to support the use of regenerative agricultural practices on their farms. This includes practices such as recycling farm waste and organic by-products of production like mulch and manure, production and application of compost which builds healthy soil and pulls carbon out of the atmosphere; replanting of oil palm orchards with native yet more productive varieties of palm and using intercropping to increase productivity and biodiversity, and much more. At its partner project in India, the company is developing a comprehensive regenerative agriculture program that will eventually help 2,000 small holder farmers improve the productivity of their land and enhance its sustainability by sequestering carbon in their soil through practices like composting, use of cover crops, conservation tillage and strategic crop rotation.

Visit Dr. Bronner’s website to learn more about their passion and practices and get more details about their carbon farming in this workshop from Expo West.

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