Wednesday, December 13th

1 PM ET // 12 PM CT // 11 AM MT // 10 AM PT

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Join us for an energizing conversation focused on alternative funding sources and their pivotal role in accelerating your regenerative transition. You will hear from a brand, supplier, and solutions partner who are pioneers in tapping into the potential of alternative funding sources to support regenerative agriculture.

Pacha, a leading brand in personal care, will share their work as a case study in how they have utilized unique sources of funds to support their regenerative work. J-Palm, a supplier to Pacha, will discuss how cultivating partnerships with stakeholders can help secure funding and create a more resilient business model. Silvan Ingredient Ecosystem will demonstrate how companies can tap into alternative funding sources, including government and international funds, to support their regenerative agriculture efforts.

Whether you're exploring funding options for your regenerative agriculture initiatives or seeking to strengthen your sourcing relationships, this session will provide valuable insights and actionable strategies to propel your regenerative journey forward.

Our Speakers:

Andrew Vrbas

Co-Founder and CEO,

Pacha Soap Co.

Andy Thornton

Founder and Managing Partner,

Silvan Ingredient Ecosystem

Mahmud Johnson

Founder and CEO,

J-Palm Liberia

December 13, 2023 at 10:00am - 11am

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