Wednesday, October 17
10AM PDT // 11AM MDT // 12PM CDT // 1PM EDT

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Join us next month as we delve into best practices around consumer engagement on climate! We will introduce attendees to speakers from consumer market research firm NMI, Seventh Generation, and Dr. Bronner’s to assess current trends around how consumers factor climate issues into their purchasing decisions and to unpack effective consumer engagement strategies on climate. 

NMI will discuss different consumer segments in the natural products industry, their past and present purchasing behaviors, and how these behaviors lay the foundation for companies’ climate engagement campaigns.

Seventh Generation will discuss their journey to more fully incorporate consumer engagement and give us a peek inside their current and upcoming climate consumer engagement efforts. 

Finally, Dr. Bronner’s will discuss its “Heal Earth!” campaign, which brought attention to the three pillars of Regenerative Organic Agriculture. Dr. Bronner’s will highlight lessons learned and share next steps and analysis they will use to help drive future consumer engagement campaigns.

Interested in joining? Please register hereNote: If unable to attend live and ask questions of our presenters, a recording will be available on the Climate Collaborative’s Media and Resources page after the webinar. 


Diane_Ray.jpg Ashley_Orgain.jpg Christina_Volgyesi.jpg

Diane Ray

Vice President of Strategic Innovation, NMI

Ashley Orgain

Director Mission Advocacy and Outreach, Seventh Generation

Christina Volgyesi

Director of Marketing, Dr. Bronner's

October 17, 2018 at 10:00am - 11:30am

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