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Engage with the Climate Collaborative

See why companies are committing to climate action through the Climate Collaborative



We are so pleased to unite with other natural product leaders in the Climate Collaborative! GoMacro believes that we hold a responsibility to protect the families and farms that supply our ingredients, and to the planet that we all share. We are fully committed to doing our part to reverse the devastating effects of climate change, and to be a responsible and sustainable business.” Tony Saarem, Director of Operations, GoMacro


"Our mission is to change the trajectory of children's health through nutrition to help create a brighter future for our children. We're taking action on climate change because this bright future is also critically dependent on having a toxin-free environment and a healthy planet to grow and thrive in." - Shazi Visram, Founder and CEO, Happy Family Brands



We appreciate the platform for shared learning that Climate Collaborative provides. More effective communication about how companies are mitigating GHG emissions in their value chains will accelerate implementation of climate-smart practices throughout the industry. - Caryl Levine, Co-Founder and CEO, Lotus Foods


Stonyfield has long been working to fight climate change, but one of the key things we've learned over the years is that businesses can't solve this critical problem alone. The Climate Collaborative is bringing us together so we can identify and accelerate the solutions to shared challenges and ultimately reverse the impact we're all having on climate.” - Britt Lundgren, Director of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, Stonyfield


“As the Climate Collaborative continues to grow, we hope to see even more of our suppliers, vendors and fellow retailers also make the commitment. We know if we can mobilize enough of the natural foods industry to focus on even just one of the Climate Collaborative’s nine core initiatives that together, we absolutely CAN make a difference.” - Dan Gillotte, Chief Executive Grocer, Wheatsville Food Coop



"Our commitment to utilizing sustainable ingredients and authoring positive change has galvanized our relationship with our early adopters and consumers. They are clearly looking for more sustainably farmed options as they begin to understand the global impacts that their purchase decisions hold. This has allowed our debut product of the world’s first bottled bamboo leaf tea to easily connect with consumers - they know bamboo’s positive environmental benefits and they know tea." - Courtney McCoy, Co-Founder and CFO, IGZU


"Forager was founded on the belief that adopting an organic, plant-based diet is one of the best ways to mitigate our impact on climate change. In joining with the Climate Collaborative we take our commitments even further and hope to encourage other business leaders to do the same."  - Stephen Williamson & JC Hanley, Forager Project


"There is simply no way to reverse climate change that does not include preserving the most bio-diverse resource on the planet - the Amazon rainforest.  I created Teadora not just to share the incredible bounty of my homeland Brazil, but to be a meaningful and authentic part of the global climate solution.“ - Valeria Cole, Activist-Founder & CEO of Teadora Beauty



"The business community must lead the way toward climate change solutions. Our investment in solar power for our bakery is an example of a win-win for sustainability and the bottom line, and we hope our positive experience can help other businesses head down a similar path."Aaron Anker, Chief Granola Officer, GrandyOats


Our commitment to the planet begins by supporting organic farmers and it extends throughout all MadeGood® operations and manufacturing processes. We are working hard and continuously minimizing our environmental footprint and our impact on climate change. - Nima Fotovat, Co-founder and President. Made Good Foods


“As a food company, we recognize our dependence on thriving natural resources to grow the food that goes into our products every day. Agriculture is one of the biggest drivers for climate change, but it can also be one of its greatest solutions. We strive to be part of the solution and we believe the journey starts with healthy soil in organic, regenerative farming systems. Through our Climate Collaborative commitments, we’re building on our longstanding support of organic to address climate change from the ground up.” - Shauna Sadowski, Senior Manager of Sustainability at Annie’s (a division of General Mills)



“Environmental Sustainability is not the easy path; however, our customers, employees and myself value doing the right thing." - Shaun Ashworth, CEO & President, Associated Labels and Packaging


“Organic India joined the Climate Collaborative as a visible way to show our longstanding commitment to environmental regeneration. We believe in promoting wellness not just for our customers, but for everyone on the planet, and for our global ecosystem. #togetherwewill reduce atmospheric carbon levels and restore the health of our global ecosystem, for ourselves and future generations.”  - Kyle Garner, CEO, Organic India USA


REBBL is built upon the principle that humanity and the natural world have vital interconnections. We were founded to create a future without human trafficking by addressing its root causes, and one of the biggest causes is climate change. Through the Climate Collaborative, we are inspired and supported in driving collective industry-wide action to reverse these effects. - Sheryl O'Loughlin, CEO, and Dani Dhanoa, Sourcing and Impact Manager, REBBL 



Our on-site solar power generation as well as our purchase of renewable energy certificates has landed us on the EPA’s list of the Top 30 retailer partners in the United States purchasing green power for every quarter of the last two years.) - Community Food Coop



Agriculture is a major contributor to climate change, but when done well it can be a solution.  Organic Valley was built on an environmental ethic, encouraging ecological and economic sustainability.  We are now a billion dollar company, America’s largest cooperative of organic farmers, one of the nation’s leading organic brands and the world’s largest pool of organic milk.  Organic Valley farmers steward over half a million acres of land worldwide.  As leaders and pioneers of food and farming, it is our responsibility to lead efforts to reverse climate change as well.  - Jonathan Reinbold, Sustainability Manager, Organic Valley