Tuesday, May 22
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We are pleased to share information on an upcoming policy webinar hosted by The Wilderness Society on how companies like yours can support making federal lands part of a climate change solutions.

One key pillar of their work focuses on the role our federal public lands play in the face of climate change. For example, did you know that federal lands and waters are a major source of fossil fuels? In 2016 – 40% of our nation’s coal, 24% of our oil and 14% of our natural gas was extracted from these lands and waters owned by all Americans. What’s more, if federal lands and waters were a country, the associated lifecycle emissions would be 5th in the world behind Russia!

As part of the webinar, they will take a closer look at fossil fuel development on federal lands and the associated emissions from this development, and consider the ways in which our federal public lands should be part of the solution to climate change through the reduction of emissions, ensuring we have large protected landscapes, and supporting renewable energy development in the right places, to help us transition to a clean energy economy.



Katie Gilman
Senior Representative, Energy and Climate
The Wilderness Society

Jenny Kordick
Advocacy Director, Energy and Climate
The Wilderness Society

May 22, 2018 at 1:00pm - 2pm

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