Take Action

"As an industry but even more, as responsible citizens, we simply can't afford to ignore climate change any longer." 

Gary Hirshberg, Co-founder, Stonyfield

More companies are taking action to reverse climate change than ever before. They’re tackling this global challenge not only because it’s essential to the future of our planet but also because doing so offers tremendous opportunities for growth, job creation, and prosperity.

Companies can help reverse climate change by making a commitment to one or more of these initiatives.

Why take action?

Climate change is both the greatest threat our planet has ever faced and also the greatest opportunity we’ve ever had to make positive change through innovation and leadership. The Climate Collaborative is here to help companies take meaningful steps to reverse climate change, both on their own and by working together.

Companies can commit to one or all of a set of innovative and practical climate initiatives. Together we can work to scale solutions to successfully meet the challenge of climate change.

Together we can make a difference.

Commit. Act. Impact.

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