Accelerating Collaborative Action for Greater Impact

The Climate Action Connector is designed to support you in connecting with pre-competitive collaboration partners, service providers, nonprofits, and resources specific to your climate needs. The tool will provide you a bespoke report to accelerate your climate work and will also support the Climate Collaborative team in connecting companies seeking pre-competitive partnership.

How It Works
  1. Take the Free Comprehensive Assessment: For each area of climate work in the tool identify where you need support.
  2. Receive a Report With Tailored Recommendations: The tool analyzes your input to match you with potential collaboration partners, resources, and service providers that align with your needs.
  3. Ongoing Monitoring: As more companies utilize the tool we will support you in finding partners for pre-competitive collaboration.

Benefits of the Climate Action Connector
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with tools, resources, and partners that can accelerate your efforts
  • Optimized Solutions: Get access to resources tailored to your company's specific climate focus areas and challenges
  • Collective Climate Action: The tool helps catalyze potential collaborations in all areas of climate work to increase our collective strength and impact

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Q: How long does the assessment take? A: The assessment typically takes 10-15 minutes, depending on the scope of your climate work.

Q: What is the cost? A: The tool is free

Q: Will you share my information with others? A: No, not unless you provide pre-approval. If you indicate that you are looking to partner on a specific area of work we will always ensure both companies are interested in being connected. For instance, if you indicate you are looking for partners working on regenerative buckwheat and another company indicates the same thing. We would email both companies individually first to ensure that both want to be connected. 

Q: I noticed our company is not listed as a service provider, how can we be included in the tool? A: To be listed in the tool you need to be a Service Provider Member of the Climate Collaborative. To learn more, please contact the Climate Collaborative at [email protected].

For further inquiries or support, please contact the Climate Collaborative at [email protected]