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The Climate Case

With agriculture accounting for around a quarter of global emissions, our food system is both a key driver of climate change and one of the most powerful potential tools for addressing it. 

Video courtesy of Dr. Bronner's

Farming techniques like deep tilling, mono-cropping, and the overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides contribute to climate change by speeding the erosion of topsoil and killing off microorganisms that build soil carbon and enable the soil to serve as a natural “carbon sink.”

Overuse of these techniques mean we are now in the midst of a soil health crisis: About a third of the world’s topsoil has already been degraded, and FAO estimates that 90% of soils could become degraded by 2050 [FAO]

Regenerative agriculture practices turn agriculture from a climate problem into a climate solution by storing more carbon in the ground than is released into the atmosphere while farming. 

The core principles of regenerative agriculture, rooted in Indigenous practices, include:

  • reducing chemical inputs
  • reducing or eliminating soil tilling
  • moving from mono-crops to diverse cropping systems (including cover crops)
  • managed grazing
  • compost application

“Regenerating communities is a comprehensive long-term process, which tackles social, economic, physical, and environmental issues that face the communities in which we work.” -Organic India  

Sourcing regenerative ingredients and working with farmers to improve soil health leads to a range of benefits that extend beyond climate mitigation, from reduced supply chain risks and farm input costs to improvements in biodiversity, land productivity and yields.

Supply chain resiliency

Farms using regenerative growing practices benefit from increased long-term land productivity, healthier topsoil, and overall crop resiliency. Soil high in organic matter requires fewer synthetic inputs (fertilizers and pesticides) and is better able to resist the droughts, floods, and other extreme weather events that are becoming increasingly common as a result of climate change. Stable supply chains are key to business resiliency and the ability to plan long-term.  

Investing in supplier communities

A core pillar of regenerative agriculture is the benefit to communities. Regenerative systems invest in fair pay, safe and inclusive working conditions, and empowered workers. Strengthening farming communities is essential to building the sustainable food pathways that feed us all. As food companies join the ranks of those setting ambitious climate targets, supply chain engagement is increasingly important. 

Take Action

Companies that make regenerative agriculture commitments are pledging to transition their supply chain practices in ways that store carbon in the soil, reducing the emissions footprint of their agriculture practices.

Video courtesy of Nature's Path Organic

Regenerative practices may look different according to crop type and region, but embracing regenerative agriculture often begins with:

  • switching to regeneratively grown ingredients
  • working directly with farmers to support and invest in transitions to regenerative practices
  • advocating for policies that support these practices
  • engaging consumers
  • building equity and justice considerations into projects to address the systemic inequities in agriculture supply chains

Read more about how Climate Collaborative companies are approaching regenerative agriculture on our Spotlights page.

Companies committed to integrating carbon farming in their supply chains will be expected to complete an annual online questionnaire updating the Climate Collaborative on progress made toward the commitment. The questionnaire is short and should not be burdensome to complete.

Please note that this commitment pertains to land-based farming. Livestock and land-based producers might want to make a commitment here for their land but also consider making a commitment to reduce Short Lived Climate Pollutants such as methane from manure and rice cultivation, or black carbon from agricultural burning.




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