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A Big Earth Day “Thank You” to the Natural Products Industry

Today is Earth Day, a day that causes all of us working on climate to pause, assess how we are doing, celebrate wins, and challenge ourselves to do more. Three years ago on Earth Day, the historic Paris Climate Accords were signed, setting out the first truly global effort to drawdown emissions; and next year marks the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day holiday.

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Signs of Hope: Climate Policy takes Centerstage

If one thing has excited me this past month, it’s been seeing climate policy take center stage in the platforms of numerous candidates on the campaign trail and watching the companies in our network enthusiastically embrace the next frontier -- climate policy.

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Reflections on Climate Day 2019 – Moving Forward Together

Two years into the Climate Collaborative’s work, the natural products industry truly feels energized. I felt this palpably a few days ago at Climate Day, from the way people stood up one after the other to commit to climate action during the session to the sea of commitments companies proudly displayed at their booths to the tenor of people’s remarks throughout the day.

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Commit. Act. Impact.

We are a community of businesses joining forces to create pathways to action, connecting companies to resources and working together to create solutions.

We shine a light on success stories and recognize companies for their great climate work which in turn inspires more companies to act.

We are a catalyst for change. Big, bold change.

We're turning-up the heat to challenge our peers and suppliers in the natural products industry to up their climate game.

Working together we will.

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