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Check Out Our New Retailer Food Waste Toolkit!

We've just published a retailer-specific set of best practices to help you mitigate in-store food waste, saving you emissions, lost food, and cutting costs.

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Intimidated by the challenge of tackling climate change? Here’s how to get started.

Last week, the Climate Collaborative hosted an introductory webinar on how companies can begin addressing climate change. We were lucky to have Pure Strategies’ Managing Director, Tim Greiner and Happy Family Organics’ Sustainability Director, Katie Clark join us to share their insights on why climate action matters within companies and their expert advice on how companies can create a strategic approach to climate action and which tactics can set them up for success.

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Call for Candidates Climate-Smart Packaging Optimization

Trayak is offering an opportunity for Climate Collaborative packaging-committed companies to engage in two package climate optimization studies. Each study will focus on working directly with one company to optimize an identified packaging type to reduce climate-related impacts. Learn more about how your company can participate!

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Commit. Act. Impact.

We are a community of businesses joining forces to create pathways to action, connecting companies to resources and working together to create solutions.

We shine a light on success stories and recognize companies for their great climate work which in turn inspires more companies to act.

We are a catalyst for change. Big, bold change.

We're turning-up the heat to challenge our peers and suppliers in the natural products industry to up their climate game.

Working together we will.

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The Climate Collaborative is here to help companies take meaningful steps to reverse climate change, both on their own and by working together. Join us in taking action on climate change.

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