Back to Basics: A Climate Action Planning Primer

The Climate Collaborative has had hundreds of companies make new climate commitments in 2020, and in our May webinar, we're helping you get started on a path to action with a briefing on how to build a climate action plan for your company.

Download the slides here.

Communicating Climate Action to Consumers Amid COVID-19

We are working hard to bring you relevant, timely content now that addresses the current crisis and helps our community move forward through it. Because of that, we have re-worked our April webinar to cover COVID-19 and climate change, and how we bridge the communications gap with stakeholders. We are lucky to have Ed Maibach, Director of the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, join us to share his expertise and insights on this topic. We'll also invite our partner Guru to join for updates on the CC consumer engagement advisory group, launched in 2019.

Download the slides here.

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