Jeff Bos

Lead Facilitator

Jeff Bos is a co-founder and managing partner of FOMENT, a consultancy that designs and facilitates programs and experiences that accelerate the regenerative movement. He is is an expert facilitator, values-based executive, wilderness wanderer, and zen practitioner.

Trained as an ecologist, he has been designing and facilitating experiences that tap into the group genius of networks and teams from around the world, for over 20 years. Jeff is trained in a wide range of methodologies including Capgemini’s Accelerated Solutions Environment, the Presencing Institute’s Foundations Program and U.Lab Process, and many more. Jeff currently splits his time between roles as the Managing Partner and facilitator of Foment engagements, the Sr. Director of Innovation and Design for Green America’s Soil Carbon Initiative, and as the Experience Director of Evolving the Myth. Jeff lives with his wife and son in Bellingham, Washington.

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