Katie Clark

Senior Environmental Sustainability Manager


Katie is an enthusiastic and driven sustainability professional who is passionate about helping organizations transform their social and environmental impact. For the last seven years, she has held multiple leadership roles in mission-driven companies, where she developed a diverse skill set in corporate sustainability strategy, organizational change, CSR reporting, data analysis, supply chain management and employee engagement. 

Over the last three years, Katie has worked to develop an authentic and impactful sustainability program at Happy Family Organics. Through her leadership, the company has implemented initiatives across the entire supply chain, including the establishment of a cross-functional Climate Action Team, the development of a supply chain sustainability audit, and the launch of a pilot farmer education program in regenerative agriculture. In 2017, she also facilitated the launch of Happy Family’s first annual Mission Report. 

Katie holds an MBA in Sustainable Business Practices from the University of Oregon and a BA in International Development and Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley.


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