We are manufacturers, retailers, distributors, brokers, suppliers and other concerned businesses from the natural foods industry working collaboratively to take bold action to reverse climate change.

We are a community of businesses joining forces to create pathways to action, connecting companies to resources and working together to create solutions. We shine a light on success stories and recognize companies for their great climate work which in turn inspires more companies to act.

We are a catalyst for change. Big, bold change.

We’re turning-up the heat to challenge our peers to up their climate game. 

Climate change is here now.

We already feel its effects. While climate change is one of the biggest risks ever to face humankind, it’s also one of our greatest opportunities. Solving the climate crisis will make our businesses stronger, our nation more prosperous, and our families safer. It will unleash a new wave of innovation and improve our quality of life.

 It’s been more than 25 years since we started down the road to climate action. Yet we are still not making the progress necessary to stay below that critical 2o C threshold that scientists agree will trigger dire consequences. 

We get it. Blazing a new path is not easy. Climate can feel like a distant threat when you’re working to meet quarterly revenue targets, resolve production capacity constraints or deal with another human resource crisis.  Further, many in the natural foods industry are already deeply engaged in climate action including measuring their carbon footprints, setting goals and implementing practices to reduce their climate impact.

But when recently polled about their company’s climate action the overwhelming majority of natural foods companies responded: “We could be doing more.” 

We must.

We are an industry of innovators. Our consumers expect us to lead. We can go farther together to reverse climate change than any of us have gone before and usher in the new low carbon economy. Collaborating to create scale and momentum, we can drive the change that must happen to create a stronger more resilient industry--and a better future for all.

Working together we will.