Neil Blomquist

President, Sustainable Solutions


Neil Blomquist is the former President and CEO for Spectrum Organic Products, Inc., the leading producer of natural and organic culinary and nutraceutical oils, condiments, and essential fatty acid supplement oils in North America. Having also been a sales manager with Fairhill Foods, and the owner of a natural and specialty food retail store in Kalispell, MT, Neil brings over 40 years experience in retailing, distribution, brand marketing and organizational management within the organic and natural products industry. As an extension of that experience, he has established a consulting company, Sustainable Solutions, to specialize in the development and marketing of sustainable business solutions for the industry. Mr. Blomquist spent 10 years on the board of directors of the California Olive Oil Council, and holds board positions on the American Botanical Council and Natural Habitats. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in business management and economics from the University of South Dakota.