Partner Events at Expo West

March 14th - 15th

Anaheim, CA


10:00 - 10:25 am: The State of Sustainable Packaging Policy in the US; Grand Ballroom F, Anaheim Marriot

The approval of SB54 in California, the most extensive EPR bill in the US, emphasizes the increasing importance of policy in shaping the future of packaging. Explore the ever-changing landscape of packaging policy in the US through a thought-provoking panel discussion that delves into current regulations, future considerations, and brand perspectives.

  • Jake Hebert, OSC
  • Vicki Isip, Sambazon 
  • Heidi Sanborn, NSAC

11 am - 12:00 pm: Bringing Consumers Along on the Sustainable Packaging Journey; Grand Ballroom F, Anaheim Marriot

Join us as we discuss the crucial topic of consumer engagement in sustainable packaging. Learn about the role of education in raising consumer awareness about sustainable packaging, innovative outreach methods to engage consumers and foster behavior change, and a brand’s perspective on challenges and opportunities in promoting sustainable packaging solutions. 

  • Jake Hebert, OSC
  • Gagan Levy, Guru Media Solutions
  • Natalie Kra, Resonance
  • Taylor Clayton, Traditional Medicinals

12:14 - 1 pm: Innovations in Sustainable Packaging; Grand Ballroom F, Anaheim Marriot

Big change takes bold action, and inspiration can have a ripple effect through our industry. Join us for a dynamic panel discussion where we’ll hear from three companies that have embraced innovation in their packaging design and businesses, with the aim of reducing waste and its impact on the environment. OSC will also be presenting this year’s winners of the OSC Packaging Innovation Awards! 

  • Darcy Shiber-Knowles, Dr. Bronner's
  • Erin Smith, Banyan Botanicals
  • Kelly Williams Earthfirst Films

2:45 - 3:30 pm: The End of Business as Usual: Transforming the Food System with Regenerative Thinking; Grand Ballroom E, Anaheim Marriott

In this panel, we'll hear from key members of the natural food products industry who have been diving deep together for the last two years to evolve their business strategy and reconcile some of these frustrations. The panelists are all finding new ways to innovate their approach to climate action, regeneration, and sustainability by challenging a dominant, mechanically-based theory of change that emphasizes repetition, scale, and bite sized changes. Instead, panelists are working through a regeneration-based theory of change that focuses on transforming thinking, capability, and capacity at a system level, and finding key energetic points for strategic intervention.

  • Alex Shabtai
  • Heather Terry, GoodSam
  • Jesse Smith, White Buffalo Land Trust
  • Juan Guzman, Artisan Tropic
  • Lauren Tucker, reNourish Studio
  • Megan Westgate, Non-GMO Project

3:00 pm: Opportunity to Access Funds to Support Regenerative Agriculture Transition - Learning Session Hosted by Wolfe's Neck Center and Zero Foodprint; San Diego Meeting Room, Anaheim Marriott

Discover how your company can tap into over $100,000 in USDA resources to accelerate your company's shift towards climate-smart, regenerative agriculture within your supply network. These funds are accessible to food companies that have some level of transparency in their supply chain, provided that the involved farms or ranches are situated within 10 designated states across the Western and Eastern US. 

Assistance is available for producers already within your supply network to adopt further regenerative practices on additional land, or to incorporate new farmers. Additionally, tailored reporting solutions are available, both quantitative and qualitative, to aid in effectively monitoring and communicating your efforts. 

To RSVP, or to arrange a personalized meeting during or after Expo West, please email [email protected] and [email protected].


8:30 - 9:30 am: The Business Case for a Regenerative Supply Chain and How to Build Yours; Hilton Anaheim, Lanai Suite

What does it take to build a durable supply chain for your regenerative products and ingredients? Learn how the Soil Carbon Initiative (SCI) can help to launch or expand your regenerative program through its focus on farmer and supplier engagement, data-driven insights, and science-based third-party regenerative verification.

10:30 - 12:00 pm: Sustainable Packaging Jam with OSC's Packaging Collaborative & Partners; Hilton Anaheim

Join OSC's Packaging Collaborative, Materials Providers, Packaging Experts and more for an interactive opportunity to get your sustainable packaging questions answered. Explore materials, share your pain points with experts, and learn in a casual and informative setting. 

11:00 - 12:00 pm: How Brands Can Integrate Nutrient Density for Topline Growth; Hilton Anaheim, Lanai Suite

Join the Nutrient Density Alliance as they share their newly released White Paper focusing on how brands can utilize existing systems to establish the connection between regenerative agriculture and nutrition in the minds of consumers.  

March 13, 2024 at 9:00am - March 16, 2024