Nature's_Path.jpgIn partnership with United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI), the Climate Collaborative is thrilled to share three case studies focused on the forest action efforts of Nature's Path, Traditional Medicinals, and Tony's Chocolonely. Nature’s Path Organic Foods is a leading triple-bottom-line organic food company recognized for its pioneering work in addressing climate change. The organization’s accomplishments include addressing climate change through the use of organic certification for all raw material ingredients, investments in farmers to promote and accelerate the adoption of regenerative organic agriculture, achieving zero waste, and the adoption of impactful water preservation measures. Ratana and Arran Stephens, Nature’s Path Organic Foods Co-Founders, outline the ethos of the company as follows, “at Nature’s Path Organic Foods, our purpose is to always leave the Earth better than we found it.” Nature’s Path Organic Foods Sustainable Purchasing Policy, against which all vendors are vetted, ensures that products and services purchased or contracted conform to this broader purpose.

  • Download the case study here.

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