Happy spring! As I look out my office window, I can see all the hallmarks of spring: the daffodils in bloom, the osa berry bush leafing out, and our seedlings emerging in the garden. Coming out of Climate Day and Expo West, this energy of renewal is alive in our work at the Climate Collaborative as well. 

This year, collaboration emerged as a resonant theme throughout Climate Day. It's clear that now, more than ever, companies recognize the imperative to work collectively in addressing systemic and complex climate issues. For those of you not at the event, I encourage you to check out the recordings of the sessions to learn about potential collaborations that might be of interest. Watch the YouTube video of the afternoon sessions here.

We heard from our speakers that our community needs to:

  • Lean into climate actions that provide relatively quick reductions in emissions, like renewable energy and electrification.
  • Engage in climate advocacy, even in this election year when the attention is focused on election politics. Keeping climate top of mind for our policymakers is crucial.
  • Work to scale agricultural systems that are regenerative, just, and healthy for all through partnerships that help us achieve scale, measurable impacts, and accessible nutrient dense food. 
  • Continue to engage in the vital conversation within the regenerative community about the merits of adopting a standardized state-level or national definition for "regenerative agriculture," contrasted with the belief that the essence of regenerative agriculture is inherently contextual, reflecting the diversity of the communities and landscapes where they are implemented.

In closing, I was greatly inspired by Eric Levine, our final keynote speaker for Climate Day, as he delved into how culture can serve to connect people to their passions and, through that, act as a bridge to climate action. As he mentioned to our team during the planning of the event, "Nothing is more cultural than food." He illuminated the multifaceted role of food as a catalyst and highlighted our opportunity to engage at the cultural-level to foster systems-level change.

I hope that, whether through Climate Day or by observing a beautiful sign of spring, you are inspired to discover new ways to bring this work to life.

Warmest regards,



Courtney Pineau
Executive Director
Climate Collaborative




Recordings: Climate Day 2024!

Recordings from Climate Day are live! We've aggregated all of the recordings from Climate Day into one place to make it easy for you to find the content you need. Please share the page with colleagues or anyone you think would find the conversations helpful to their work!

Webinar Invite: Driving Towards Sustainability - Navigating Transportation Emissions and Opportunities

April 17th, 2024; 1 pm EST // 12 PM CST // 11 AM MST // 10 AM PST

Join us for our April webinar as we delve into the climate impact and opportunities associated with transportation emissions. We'll be joined by experts from the EPA SmartWay program to shed light on the environmental implications of transportation and how companies can engage with their initiatives. Additionally, logistics provider Flock Freight will speak to their Small Truck Load (STL) model, accompanied by insightful case studies showcasing their efforts. Nature's Path Foods will provide valuable insights, offering a company perspective on the challenges and opportunities of transportation. Don't miss out on the chance for a lively discussion! 

Join Us! Retailer Climate Action Accelerator Launching in May

In response to numerous requests from our community, we are launching an 8 session accelerator in May designed for the unique needs of grocery retailers. Each session will feature multiple subject matter experts who will connect directly with attendees. We'll address key climate issues in the retail sector, such as packaging, food waste, refrigerants, energy, consumer engagement, and more. Unlike webinars, these sessions will be hands-on, providing ample time to work through the questions and challenges you are facing in your work.  

Our deep thanks to Dr. Bronner's and Planet FWD for supporting this work!



An Opportunity from NIQ for the Climate Collaborative Community

NIQ is the world's leading consumer intelligence company, delivering the most complete understanding of consumer buying behavior and revealing new pathways to growth. In 2023, NIQ combined with GfK, bringing together the two industry leaders with unparalleled global reach. With a holistic retail read and the most comprehensive consumer insights—delivered with advanced analytics through state-of-the-art platforms—NIQ delivers the Full View™.

Because NIQ is at the forefront of the CPG industry, we understand the pressure points behind data, so we developed Byzzer™ - the ultimate game-changer for small CPG brands! Byzzer™ empowers you to make strategic decisions that elevate your shelf presence, captivate shoppers, and skyrocket your market share.

Because you are part of the Climate Collaborative community, you'll have access to a complimentary Byzzer™ account, three free reports, and weekly email alerts, kickstarting your journey.

Climate Action for Business from Leeds School of Business

Does your company know what to say when asked about your carbon emissions? Do you have a strategy for managing climate change risks?

The Climate Action for Business Certificate from the University of Colorado Boulder offers instruction for building a strategic climate action plan with the Project Drawdown framework. The course includes an introduction to greenhouse gas protocols, science-based targets, CDP (formerly, the Carbon Disclosure Project), and TCFD (Task Force on climate-related Financial Disclosures).

This session will take place over two half-days on May 7th and 8th over Zoom and the course price is $699. 

Exciting Opportunity to Access Matching Funds to Support Your Regenerative Agriculture Work

Thanks to a substantial USDA Grant secured by Wolfe's Neck Center in collaboration with Zero Foodprint, a significant pool of funds has been made available to support businesses in their regenerative agriculture work through their Action for Climate-Smart Agriculture project.

A total of $7.2 million is set aside by Wolfe's Neck Center for the implementation of regenerative practices, managed through Zero Foodprint. Additionally, there's $3 million earmarked for providing technical assistance and another $5 million dedicated to soil testing and monitoring efforts. This funding is designed to prioritize projects within the supply chains of companies willing to provide matching funds, even on a deferred basis. This means you could leverage $100k of USDA funds upfront, with a match from your company spread over three years, providing a flexible and accessible pathway to amplify your impact.

They are seeking food company partners with climate-smart procurement and/or Scope 3 targets. They will provide administrative, financial, and tactical support to deploy climate-smart practices and associated services within your supply network to count towards your targets.



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