In case you missed part of all of our sessions at Climate Day, you can access the recordings for each session below. 


Welcome, Opening Remarks, & The Time Is Now: Building a Climate Action Movement

  • Courtney Pineau, Climate Collaborative
  • Corinne Shindelar, Climate Collaborative
  • Arohi Sharma, NRDC
  • Elizabeth Candelario, Mad Agriculture
  • Eric Levine, Count Us In

Delivering Value Beyond the Soil: The Case for an Organic and Regenerative Agricultural System

  • Joe Dickson, Merryfield (Moderator)
  • Jessica Wright, SPINS
  • Ryan Zinn, Dr. Bronner's
  • Sonali Pandithasekara, Serendipol

ESG and Climate Action: Considerations for Companies of All Sizes

  • Tina Owens, Nutrient Density Alliance (Moderator)
  • Andrea Chu, Vital Farms
  • Errol Schweizer, Impakt IQ
  • Julien Gervreau, Sensiba

From Marketing to Movement Building: The Role of Our Industry in Driving Climate-Friendly Eating Habits

  • Alisa Gravitz, Green America (Moderator)
  • Charlotte Vallaeys, General Mills
  • Ethan Soloviev, HowGood
  • Sophie Egan, Food for Climate League

Working at the Intersection of Climate and Nature: The Opportunities and Challenges Companies Face to Account for Their Efforts

  • Tim Greiner, Pure Strategies (Moderator)
  • Caitlin Leibert, Whole Foods Market
  • Jessica Rosen, Guayaki Yerba Mate
  • Nicole Rakobitsch, Organic Valley

Afternoon Welcome: Sparking Joy: The Opportunity Climate Action Provides Us

  • Carlotta Mast, New Hope Network
  • Courtney Pineau, Climate Collaborative

Strategic Climate Decision Making with Macroeconomic, Industry, and Consumer Trends (10:01)

  • Corinne Shindelar, All Natural Strategies, LLC (Moderator)
  • Paul Giudice, CoMetrics
  • Rachel Dreskin, Plant Based Foods Association
  • Sherry Frey, Nielsen IQ

Navigating Scope 3 Data Challenges Through Collaboration (49:50)

  • Ann Armbrecht, Sustainable Herbs Program (Moderator)
  • Briana Buckles, Yogi
  • Erin Douglas, Banyan Botanicals
  • Nate Brennan, Pacific Botanicals
  • Taylor Clayton, Traditional Medicinals

Accelerating our Electric Future (1:29)

  • Nancy Hirshberg, Hirshberg Strategic (Moderator)
  • Dr. Leah Stokes, UC Santa Barbara
  • Julia Thayne, RMI

Living Systems, Living Values: The Lessons of Indigenous Regenerative Ecosystem Design (1:59)

  • Dr. Lyla June, Author/Musician/Community Organizer

Patagonia Provisions Case Study: Building a Revolutionary Brand, and Supporting the Climate in the Process (2:44)

  • Paul Lightfoot, Patagonia Provisions

Constellations of Regeneration: Collaborations from the edge of Finance, Nutrient Density, and Regenerative Agriculture (3:05)

  • Caitlin Oleson, Climate Collaborative (Moderator)
  • Eric Smith, Edacious
  • Jeff Bos, Foment
  • Kevin Morse, Cairnspring Mills
  • Ryan Anderson, Steward

Lessons from the C-Suite on Trailblazing a Future Food System (3:49)

  • Julia Collins, Planet FWD (Moderator)
  • Karen Colberg, King Arthur Baking
  • Katlin Smith, Simple Mills
  • Sarela Herrada, SIMPLi

From Influencer to Cultural Catalyst: The Power of Culture in Building a Thriving Future (4:28)

  • Eric Levine, Count Us In


Alisa_Gravitz.agriculture_headshot.tight_crop.jpg Alisa Gravitz

 Green America


Andrea_Chu_Headshot.jpg Andrea Chu

 Director of Impact and ESG,
 Vital Farms


 Ann Armbrecht

 Sustainable Herbs Program


 Arohi Sharma

 Deputy Director of Regenerative Agriculture,
 Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)


Briana_Square.jpg Briana Buckles

 Global Senior Sustainability Manager,


Caitlin_Leibert__Square.jpg Caitlin Leibert

 Vice President, Sustainability, 
 Whole Foods Market


CAITLIN_OLESON_500X500.jpg Caitlin Oleson

 Director of Operations & Programming,
 Climate Collaborative


Carlotta_Mast.jpg Carlotta Mast

 SVP and Market Leader,
 New Hope Network


Charlotte_Vallaeys.jpg Charlotte Vallaeys

 Organic Expert,
 General Mills


 Corinne Shindelar

 All Natural Strategies, LLC


 Courtney Pineau

 Executive Director,
 Climate Collaborative


Bergen_Head_220820_square.jpeg Elizabeth Candelario

 Chief Strategy Officer, 
 Mad Agriculture


 Eric Levine

 Count Us In


Eric_Smith_Square.jpg Eric Smith

 CEO and Founder,
 Edacious, PBC


 Erin Douglas

 Sr. Manager of Social and Environmental Responsibility,
 Banyan Botanicals


 Errol Schweizer

 CPG Partner,
 Impakt IQ


 Ethan Soloviev

 Chief Innovation Officer,


Jeff_Head_Square.jpg Jeff Bos

 Co-founder & Managing Partner,


Jess_Rosen_headshot.jpg Jessica Rosen

 Director of Impact and Regeneration,
 Guayaki Yerba Mate


jessie-wright_square.jpg Jessica Wright

 Vice President of Product Intelligence,


Joe_Dickson_Square.jpg Joe Dickson

 Co-Founder & Head of Standards and Policy,


Julia_sqaure.jpg Julia Collins

 Founder & CEO,
 Planet FWD


Julia-Thayne-DeMordaunt.jpg Julia Thayne

 Senior Principal, Climate-Aligned Strategies


Julien_Gerveau.png Julien Gervreau

 Director, ESG and Sustainability Services,


Karen_Square.jpg Karen Colberg

 King Arthur Baking


Katlin_square.jpg Katlin Smith

 Founder & CEO,
 Simple Mills


Kevin_Square.jpg Kevin Morse

 Co-founder & CEO,
 Cairnspring Mills


Leah_Square.jpg Dr. Leah Stokes

 Author, Climate and Energy Policy Expert



Lyla_June_square.jpg Dr. Lyla June

 Author, Musician



 Nancy Hirshberg

 Chief Catalyst,
 Hirshberg Strategic


Nate_Brennan_Square.png Nate Brennan

 Senior Supply Chain Manager,
 Pacific Botanicals


Nicole_Rakobitsch_square.jpg Nicole Rakobitsch

 Director of Sustainability,
 Organic Valley


 Paul Giudice

 Chief Executive Officer,


Paul_Lightfoot_square.jpg Paul Lightfoot

 General Manager,
 Patagonia Provisions


Rachel_Headshot_Square.png Rachel Dreskin

 Plant Based Food Association


Ryan_Zinn_Square.jpg Ryan Zinn

 Regenerative Projects Manager,
 Dr. Bronner's


Sarela_Square.jpg Sarela Herrada



Sherry_Frey_Headshot.jpeg Sherry Frey

 Vice President of Total Wellness, 


Sonali_square.jpeg Sonali Pandithasekara

 CFO and Founding Partner,
 Serendipol Private Limited Sri Lanka


Sophie_Egan_square.jpg Sophie Egan

 Director of Strategy,
 Food for Climate League


Taylor_Clayton_square.png Taylor Clayton

 Sustainability Impact Manager,
 Traditional Medicinals


Tim.jpg Tim Greiner

 Co-founder & Managing Director,
 Pure Strategies


Tina.png Tina Owens

 Managing Director,
 Nutrient Density Alliance