• commented on Webinar: Yin and Yang - Understanding and Conveying Advantages of your Sustainable Product Packaging 2021-07-14 12:30:11 -0700
    It’s been about 3 years since this webinar yet it was fresh and extremely informative. I hope that things are progressing well and significantly in the right direction. For me one of the biggest take always from this webinar are:

    - The circular economy must come with clear communication (instructions) and convenience (ability to engage) to the end user. I.e. I user-friendly.

    - Governments must support the transition at the scale of regions and industries (lots of participative governance needed to create an enabling climate ).

    - Companies can be forgiven for not getting it perfect on day 1, but what we must see is progression towards clearly and transparently communicated goals.

    - Tone down greenwashing no matter your intentions: Consumers are getting wiser and wiser as civil society gets better and better.

    - Work together as a community to adopt shared certification brands and work together to gain consumer confidence (we live in an age of extremely low confidence in our economic and political institutions).

    That’s it from me, my way of saying thank you to the organisers and participants in this great (3 year old) webinar.

    Naji Makarem
    Also an academic Prof. at UCL