• Electrify your HVAC with heat pumps
  • Electrify your processing and thermal energy with:
    • Industrial heat pumps for low- and medium-temperature heat demand (up to 400o C)
    • Electric-powered mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) equipment for evaporation (up to 400o C)
    • Electric boilers (up to 350o C)
    • Electric furnaces (up to 1,000o C)
  • Maximize energy efficiency and heat recovery to lower your energy load


  • Electrify your sales fleet
  • Electrify your trucking/distribution
  • Business travel: Develop travel policies that encourage electrification such as renting electric vehicles (EVs), encouraging use of electric powered public transit and trains (Northeast corridor).

Suppliers and/or Copackers

  • Encourage and/or incentivize suppliers & copackers to electrify
  • Provide training on electrifying opportunities & federal tax incentives

NOTE: Be sure your electricity is clean- install solar, wind and storage or buy green power!


  • Marketing: Ditch the gas stoves for healthier electric induction in your food demos, advertising, social media, etc.
  • Educate and engage your creatives with Rewiring America’s Electric Creatives (and Clean Creatives while you are at it!)
  • Raffle an induction stove as a way to educate your stakeholders about electrifying
  • Share on social media the ways your business is electrifying


  • Make a commitment to engage in climate policy through the Climate Collaborative to learn about opportunities to support electrification and advocate for clean energy
  • Get involved in electrification advocacy through additional groups such as Evergreen Action, ASBN, or Ceres


  • Provide benefits to help them electrify such as subsidies for heat pumps, electric vehicles, induction stoves
  • Replace gas or electric stoves with induction stoves in breakrooms
  • Hold “lunch and learns” for employees such as Rewiring America’s “Why Electrify” or on subsidies they may be eligible for through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
  • Have your CEO join Rewiring America’s “CEOs for Electrification
  • Hold an employee raffle or an award with the prize being an induction stove or heat pump