Climate Day at Expo West 2024

In case you missed part of all of our sessions at Climate Day, you can access the recordings for each session below. 

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Examples of Ways to Electrify Your Business and Support Electrification



  • Electrify your HVAC with heat pumps
  • Electrify your processing and thermal energy with:
    • Industrial heat pumps for low- and medium-temperature heat demand (up to 400o C)
    • Electric-powered mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) equipment for evaporation (up to 400o C)
    • Electric boilers (up to 350o C)
    • Electric furnaces (up to 1,000o C)
  • Maximize energy efficiency and heat recovery to lower your energy load
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2023 Tracking Progress Annual Report


The Climate Collaborative's Tracking Progress 2023 Annual Report summarizes the results of the Tracking Progress Survey, an annual assessment of how companies have made progress on their climate action commitments over the previous year (2022). The data gathered and shared is essential to the Collaborative and our broader community as we collaborate to develop and implement climate solutions. The survey also provides valuable insights into barriers to action and broader industry trends, which we use to inform our work and support companies in meeting their climate goals. At the time of this report, 769 companies have made more than 2,847 climate commitments through the Climate Collaborative. This year’s report reflects responses from 154 organizations encompassing 515 climate action commitments.

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Limited Time Left: Pre-register for the Organic and Regenerative Transition CoP!

Pre-registration for the Organic and Regenerative Transition Community of Practice (CoP) is underway. This tailored, year-long cohort is set to commence in November.

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