Accelerate Your Organic & Regenerative Transition

Participate in the Regenerative and Organic Transition Community of Practice

We are thrilled to announce that pre-registration is now open for the Regenerative and Organic Transition Community of Practice (CoP). This year-long cohort, launching in late October/early November, is designed to meet the unique needs of our CPGs. Participants will benefit from expert-led sessions and consults, peer-to-peer learning, and opportunities to work together in pre-competitive collaboration to solve many of the trickiest challenges facing CPGs with an organic climate-smart agriculture commitment.

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Food Waste Resources

Creating a food system that works in support of the climate and our communities necessitates that we address the massive amount of food waste that is currently being produced. The Climate Collaborative is excited to share the following resources to help accelerate our food waste commitment.

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Food Waste Leader Profile: Organically Grown Company

According to ReFED, 38% of all food in the United States goes unsold or uneaten. Not only does this waste represent a missed opportunity to feed those in need, but it also has severe environmental repercussions. Food waste is responsible for nearly 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, making it a significant contributor to climate change.

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Climate Collaborative & UNFI Launch Three Case Studies In Support of Forest Action

In partnership with United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI), the Climate Collaborative is thrilled to share three case studies focused on the forest action efforts of Nature's Path, Traditional Medicinals, and Tony's Chocolonely. UNFI and the Climate Collaborative are deeply committed to accelerating the efforts of the grocery industry to stop deforestation and forest degradation, and to support reforestation efforts. According to the IPCC, “reducing deforestation and forest degradation rates represents one of the most effective and robust options for climate change mitigation, with large mitigation benefits globally.” Forests and climate change are deeply connected, as forest loss and degradation are both a cause and effect of climate change.

"Our hope is to inspire and inform company action by sharing the pioneering work of Nature's Path, Traditional Medicinals, and Tony's Chocolonely in support of forests and the communities that depend on them. Eliminating deforestation and forest degradation is absolutely critical in our fight against climate change" says Courtney Pineau, Executive Director of the Climate Collaborative.


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Climate Day 2023

Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

Don't miss out on the best day of the year – inspiring speakers, real-world advice you can use, and the connections you need to make climate action possible. 

Join industry leaders for inspirational keynotes, executive roundtables, workshops, and more. We are offering morning and afternoon sessions as well as the evening reception, so you can register for whichever combination of events works with your arrival time and schedule


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