tony's_homepage_thumb.pngIn partnership with United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI), the Climate Collaborative is thrilled to share three case studies focused on the forest action efforts of Nature's Path, Traditional Medicinals, and Tony's Chocolonely. Tony’s Chocolonely was born when Teun van de Keuken realized that forced labor and illegal child
labor still existed in the cocoa industry. Passionate about social and environmental issues in the supply chain from the start, Tony’s made a conscious decision to focus on preventing deforestation on the farms where they source cocoa. “We’re using 5 sourcing principles (fully traceable beans, paying a higher price, working with strong farmers, long-term contracts and increasing productivity & quality) to make all chocolate 100% exploitation free. We want to inspire other companies to do the same, as this is the best way to solve problems in cocoa including deforestation.”

  • Download the case study here.

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