How Coop Coffees is Tackling Soil Carbon & Climate Justice Together

This March Cooperative Coffees and Sustainable Food Lab joined us to present on structuring and financing rigorous, science-driven regenerative agriculture pilots that build in climate justice considerations from the ground up. This is a fantastic session for companies looking to finance regenerative agriculture transitions in their supply chains, and tackle climate justice alongside their regenerative projects. 

Download the slides here.

Regenerative Rising: Regenerative Advocacy in Action Panel

Erin Callahan hosted a moderated panel for Session 3 of the Regenerative Earth Summit with:

  • Bethany Davis, Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs, MegaFood
  • Britt Lundgren, Director of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, Stonyfield
  • Bryce Lundberg, VP of Agriculture, Lundberg Family Farms

This panel explored the key avenues and best practices for companies looking to move beyond supply chain work on regenerative agriculture by supporting systems change at the policy level. 

Exclusive Training: Weeding out Waste with ReFED's New Food Waste Insights Engine

Join the Climate Collaborative and ReFED for a session diving into new best practices and insights around food waste reduction and prevention! The ReFED Insights Engine is a data and solutions hub for food loss and waste, designed to provide anyone interested in food waste reduction with the information and insights they need to take meaningful action to address the problem.

Download the slides here and access the Insights Engine here

Building Equity & Justice into Your Climate Action Plans

We kicked off the session with a keynote from Michelle Romero, National Director of Green For All. We then hear from Dr. Bronner's and Pukka Herbs on how they're navigating the intersectionality of climate and racial justice, and what their journey has been like in helping shape the Climate Justice Playbook. The CC partnered in developing the Playbook with B Lab, The Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University, and UNFCCC, and features interviews and profiles from companies like Guayaki, Happy Family Organics, Seventh Generation, and Allbirds.

Download B Lab's Climate Justice Playbook here.

ShiftCon Climate Summit: A Call to Climate Action

The CC was invited to convene a conversation for ShiftCon to inspire and engage top influencers on the urgency and imperative of climate action. We hosted a moderated conversation with Gina McCarthy, Jamie Margolin, Reverend Yearwood from the Hip Hop Caucus, and Tamara Toles O'Laughlin from

Policy Primer for 2021 and Beyond

We're excited to share a policy primer from Dr. Leah Stokes of what's ahead for 2021 and beyond! Dr. Stokes is an Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara, as well as the author of Short Circuiting Policy. She's also a contributor to All We Can Save. She's also the co-host of the podcast A Matter of Degrees.

Farmer Perspectives on Regenerative Agriculture

In October, we heard directly from farmers on regenerative practices, the support they need in making transitions, and ways brands of all sizes can support farmers and farm-level regenerative transitions. In this session, you'll hear directly from Bob Quinn, Dr. Bronner's, and Lisa French, a participant with General Mills pilot project. Don't miss this conversation! 

Download the slides here

FOOD FUNDED 2020 JEDI x Climate

Want to watch the FOOD FUNDED 2020 sessions you missed? Want to re-watch stellar moments? You can find all the recordings of all presentations and panels on their YouTube stream here. Don't miss the session moderated by our Director Erin Callahan!

Spark Your Day Meetup with Climate Collaborative

In case you missed it, watch the recording from our special Spark Change conversation with General Mills' Mary Jane Melendez and Lundberg Family Farms' Ashley Koller on their year in climate action. We also shared what's next in our work. 

This next year will be critical for building a comprehensive global climate response, responding to COVID-19 and planning for an interrelated economic recovery. Listen to this session to hear updates from the Climate Collaborative and leading companies on how you can get involved in solutions. 

OSC's Packaging Collaborative: Building the Next Generation of Packaging Solutions

View a recording of our September webinar led by Climate Collaborative partner OSC2 to learn about updates and progress in their Packaging Collaborative, working to drive collective innovation to flexible film packaging.

Download the slides here.