Tackling Food Waste Amid Disruptions & Demand Shifts

Our July webinar explored the implications of COVID-19 on food waste efforts in food supply chains. We also heard about best practices in food waste prevention from KeHE, Sprouts Farmers Market, Barnana, and food waste expert ReFED. 

Download the slides here.

Policy at the Farm Level: Unlocking Barriers to Adopt Regenerative Agricultural Practices

This June we held a special Rooted Community session that dove into the potential of policy mechanisms, and barriers, to support transitions to regenerative agriculture and the adoption of carbon soil sequestration practices at the farm level!

Download the slides here.

Back to Basics: A Climate Action Planning Primer

The Climate Collaborative has had hundreds of companies make new climate commitments in 2020, and in our May webinar, we're helping you get started on a path to action with a briefing on how to build a climate action plan for your company.

Download the slides here.

Communicating Climate Action to Consumers Amid COVID-19

We are working hard to bring you relevant, timely content now that addresses the current crisis and helps our community move forward through it. Because of that, we have re-worked our April webinar to cover COVID-19 and climate change, and how we bridge the communications gap with stakeholders. We are lucky to have Ed Maibach, Director of the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, join us to share his expertise and insights on this topic. We'll also invite our partner Guru to join for updates on the CC consumer engagement advisory group, launched in 2019.

Download the slides here.

CC Community Meeting: Building a Climate Response to COVID-19

On April 24th we hosted a first-of-its-kind meeting for CC committed companies to learn about a call for action from our partner Ceres. We heard from Anne Kelly at Ceres and Nancy Hirshberg about the opportunity for companies to participate in LEAD Days May 12th and 13th. We also heard from Bill McKibben who shared a special message on the crucial role businesses can play in getting their elected officials to support climate legislation. 

Download the slides here

Virtual National Co+op Grocers Climate Collaborative Awards

On April 3, we celebrated the six winners of the 2020 National Co+op Grocers Climate Collaborative Awards, in partnership with New Hope and our awards sponsor National Co+op Grocers. 

Learn more about our winners here.

Virtual Climate Day CEO Dialogue: Climate Leadership in a Changing World

On April 3, we partnered with New Hope Network to convene a virtual Climate Day keynote dialogue with the CEOs of Danone NA, W.S. Badger Company and Seventh Generation--three companies defining what a holistic company-level response to climate change looks like. Moderated by GreenBiz Chairman Joel Makower, we dove into the changing role of business in responding to the climate crisis and the opportunity our industry has to come together for a collaborative response.

Regenerative Toolbox: How OpenTEAM Software Can Help Farmers Draw Down Emissions

A variety of software tools help farmers and ranchers to track agricultural practices, calculate greenhouse gas emissions and sequestered carbon and remotely monitor environmental conditions. However, these helpful tools haven't been able to "talk" with one another to help mitigate climate impacts--until now. Speakers from Stonyfield, the USDA, and Land PKS discuss how OpenTEAM software knits together critical agricultural and climate-related software applications to create a powerful data-based, positive feedback loop that provides recommendations to speed up soil health and climate improvement on farms.

Download the slides here

Ideate. Analyze. Mitigate: Lessons From Packaging Life Cycle Assessments

Three natural product companies stepped up to the challenge of improving their packaging's climate impacts by participating in the Climate Collaborative's 2019 Packaging Climate Emissions Optimization Project. The Climate Collaborative's February webinar, led by project partner and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) expert Trayak, highlights the multi-layered results of these three projects.

Download the slides here

Mapping the Regenerative Standards Landscape

The Climate Collaborative kicks off its 2020 programming with an in-depth look at the regenerative standards landscape, featuring speakers from the Savory Institute, Soil Carbon Index, and Regenerative Organic Alliance. As regenerative agricultural practices continue to ignite the imagination and goals of the natural product industry’s climate forward-thinking companies, a handful of regenerative agricultural standards have been rising to the top.

You can download the slides here.