The Role of Offsets in a Credible Net Zero Action Plan

This past July, we heard from our webinar attendees the challenges of navigating the world of offsets as part of your net zero commitment. Don't miss this recording of our November webinar, where we dove into this topic with Claire Lafave at Native, Jim Giles at GreenBiz, and Elysa Hammond of Clif Bar. This promises to be a very engaging conversation that explores many of the complexities of offsets.

Download the slides here


#Call4ClimateNOW Launch Event

Don't miss this recording as we celebrated the launch of the #Call4ClimateNow campaign. Special guest renowned climatologist Dr. Michael Mann kicked off the event speaking to why active participation by citizens is so critical at this moment. Anne Kelly, Vice President of Government Relations at Ceres briefed us on the status of climate bills in Washington and the outlook during the campaign. 

#Call4ClimateNOW Toolkit Briefing and Networking

Watch this recording where we walked you through the #Call4ClimateNow toolkit with resources for your business to reach out to your stakeholders. The toolkit includes sample messaging, talking points, social posts for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, graphics, and other assets.

Tapping Your Climate Superpower: Join the #Call4ClimateNOW Campaign

Join journalist and activist Bill McKibben along with Anne Kelly from Ceres and Sarah Silverman from Numi Tea as we presented the plans for our ground-breaking September campaign. This summer and fall we have a once in a generation opportunity to pass climate legislation that could put our nation on a path to avoid the worst climate impacts.

Now is the time for the business community to step up in ways we have not previously.

Download the slides here.

Scaling Up Climate Action: Net Zero Commitments and What They Mean for Your Business

Watch a recording of this session where we heard from UNFI, Numi Tea, Ceres, and the SME Climate Hub about net zero commitments and how your business can benefit from making a bold commitment to climate action. Co-founder of GreenBiz Joel Makower led a conversation with an expert panel exploring the net zero landscape, how to make credible commitments, and the benefits net zero commitments pose to your company. 

Download the slides here.

2021 Moms Meet Virtual WOW Summit: Why Every Mom Should Be a Climate Champion

Erin Callahan interviewed Dr. Joellen Russell as part of the 2021 Moms Meet Virtual WOW Summit. 

This video is the property of May Media Group, LLC, and was originally aired during the 2021 Moms Meet Virtual WOW Summit.


Regenerative Agirculture: The View from the Field with Whole Foods Market & Dr. Bronner's

Don't miss this recorded session where we heard from Whole Foods Market's on their journey incorporating regenerative agriculture into their supply chain and how they're working with suppliers and employees to advance regenerative farming practices. Dr. Bronner's offered a deep dive into the agricultural landscape, including regenerative organic agriculture, as well as other practices, standards, and certifications. Don't miss this recording to hear two different company perspectives which will deepen your understanding of how to integrate these practices into your supply chain

Download the slides here.

In conversation: Dr. Bronner's & HEAL Food Alliance on building an inclusive, climate-smart suppy chain

Don't miss this fireside chat featuring Gero Leson in a special conversation with Navina Khanna about his new book, Honor Thy Label—Dr. Bronner’s Unconventional Journey to a Clean, Green, and Ethical Supply ChainWe explored the journey Dr. Bronner's has taken to build a regenerative, ethical supply chain that advances their climate goals while also improving livelihoods on the ground across their supply chain. 

How Coop Coffees is Tackling Soil Carbon & Climate Justice Together

This March Cooperative Coffees and Sustainable Food Lab joined us to present on structuring and financing rigorous, science-driven regenerative agriculture pilots that build in climate justice considerations from the ground up. This is a fantastic session for companies looking to finance regenerative agriculture transitions in their supply chains, and tackle climate justice alongside their regenerative projects. 

Download the slides here.

Regenerative Rising: Regenerative Advocacy in Action Panel

Erin Callahan hosted a moderated panel for Session 3 of the Regenerative Earth Summit with:

  • Bethany Davis, Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs, MegaFood
  • Britt Lundgren, Director of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, Stonyfield
  • Bryce Lundberg, VP of Agriculture, Lundberg Family Farms

This panel explored the key avenues and best practices for companies looking to move beyond supply chain work on regenerative agriculture by supporting systems change at the policy level.