Clear Winners: How Three Companies Improved their Packaging Impacts Using LCAs

Last May we shared an opportunity for three Climate Collaborative committed companies to work with Trayak to improve the climate impacts of their packaging. Join us for a special May report highlighting the improvements each company chose to make, and the associated environmental impacts.

You can download the slides here

Climate Day 2019 Livestream

If you missed Climate Day at Expo West you can watch the full recording here!

Video of Climate Impact

In the lead up to Climate Day this year, we asked for videos sharing the positive impact and progress you're seeing in your climate work. We received a tremendous number of videos from companies across the industry showcasing your work. Enjoy the compilation of great work throughout the industry! 


Political Play - Advocating For Carbon Pricing Policy

In April, the Climate Collaborative was pleased to host a webinar organized by climate policy experts Business Climate Leaders and American Sustainable Business Council. The webinar dove deep into carbon pricing--why a price on carbon is an important policy tool, how it can be implemented, and what the current political landscape around carbon pricing looks like.

You can download the slides here

Matchmaker: How Company Goals Influence your Renewable Energy Path

There are many different options to incorporate renewable energy into your company’s operations. Renewable Energy Credits are frequently cited as a gateway to renewable energy use. Watch our recording as we discuss how company goals can be crafted and used to optimize the match between a company’s strategy and maximized environmental impacts. 

You can download the slides here


Crops, Cattle, and Climate: Potential Solutions to Agriculture's Potent Pollutants

Reducing the potent short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) related to agriculture represents a major opportunity area for natural product companies to reduce their climate impacts. Join us as we dive deeper into the world of SLCPs with the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries and Lotus Foods. 

You can download the slides here


Put your Policy Where Your Mouth Is: How Food Waste Policy Can Help Solve Climate Change and Help Your Business

Join the Climate Collaborative's December webinar as we examine the intersection of food waste policy and business practices at the national, regional, state, and municipal levels. Learn how businesses can be involved in shaping new policies and designing the industry response these policies inspire!

You can download the slides here

Leveraging EPA’s SmartWay Program to Improve Your Distribution Emissions

For companies who don’t own the means of distribution, making a significant dent in their product’s transportation emissions can be a difficult task. The Climate Collaborative’s November training (webinar format) will explore how a prominent national program – EPA’s SmartWay— can support natural product companies to help identify the transportation providers that represent efficient and environmentally friendly transportation profiles.

You can download the slides here


Consumers are Key: Engaging End Consumers to Mitigate Climate

Consumers are Key: Engaging End Consumers to Mitigate Climate will introduce attendees to speakers from market research firm NMI, Seventh Generation, and Dr. Bronner’s to reveal the inner workings of consumer purchasing trends and company strategies and tactics to engage them in their good climate work.

You can download the slides here

SFTA Partner Webinar: GHG Inventory 101 Training

Tracking, reporting and managing sources of climate pollution, known as greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are essential as the impacts of climate change become increasingly apparent and severe. The first step to managing emissions is to conduct a GHG inventory or carbon footprint. This 1-hour introductory webinar began with the basics of GHG accounting and highlight the data, tools and resources available, and the steps you need to take to complete a GHG inventory for the first time. The webinar introduced Good Company’s web-based training program and GHG calculator.