The Climate Collaborative is now a thriving community of 450+ companies, committed to working together to reverse global warming within our industry and we need your help to keep our platform 100% free and drive our programming forward next year.

We need to raise $50,000 to carry out our 2020 plans, and every little bit helps. Can we count on your support? Let us know if you are able to help out before the year ends.

Donate_graphic.pngWe are committed to creating a truly inclusive community where everyone can move forward together. That’s why keeping participation in the Climate Collaborative free for any company, regardless of size, has always been a key tenet of our work.

The natural products industry is doing incredible work to combat climate change and the momentum is stronger than ever. But the need for action is also more urgent than ever with the U.S. beginning to formally withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, and the release of the latest IPCC report focused on the nexus of agriculture systems and climate change.

Will you help advance our climate action work by becoming a sustaining supporter?

You can support our core operations and contribute across programming channels via our core project sponsorships, or you can give through our programmatic sponsorships:

  • Webinars: These average 120 registrants per session and are a fantastic way to get broader brand visibility in the industry. (Donations starting at $15,000)
  • Rooted Community: Support our growing community of more than 120 industry leaders pushing forward on regenerative agricultural practices. (Donations starting at $10,000)
  • Consumer Engagement Advisory Group: Be a part of developing and launching our consumer engagement tools and resources. (Donations starting at $5,000)
  • Policy Work: Help build industry networks of climate policy advocacy channels in 2020. (Donations starting at $10,000)

Your support will help to provide hands-on resources and collaboration opportunities for hundreds of companies across the industry, allow us to build robust partner networks for companies, support local and regional events across the United States, and keep participation in our growing climate action community completely free of charge to enable even more companies to commit to climate action in their operations and supply chains.

No matter what level you choose to donate at, your support will make a difference and will be deeply appreciated.

Please help us raise the full $50,000 we need to fully fund our work in 2020.

Thank you again for your support and your commitment to climate action.


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