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Resources for Retailers

Since 2018, we have hosted retailer specific programming to help support them reduce in-store emissions and to work with their vendors and customers to mitigate climate impacts across their value chains. Technical experts, solutions providers, NGO partners, and retailers share information, tools, and stories of best practices to help companies move their climate efforts forward. Participants are invited to share their challenges and successes and learn from other retailers about how they are working toward climate leadership. 

In the sessions, you can expect to learn more about:

  • The key emissions drivers for retailers and best practices in how to address them, from refrigerants to power usage, packaging, food waste and more;
  • How retailers can engage their vendors to maximize their emissions reduction efforts;
  • Developing a clear climate action plan and designing ongoing management mechanisms for implementing climate goals; and 
  • How to engage consumers on climate issues. 

Retailer Climate Action Education Series with underwriting from Dr. Bronner's and Planet FWD

Retailer Toolkit:

Case Studies:

KeHE Sponsored Food Waste Resources: