Trayak_logo.JPGTrayak is offering an opportunity for Climate Collaborative packaging-committed companies to engage in two package climate optimization studies. Each study will focus on working directly with one company to optimize an identified packaging type to reduce climate-related impacts; these two projects include:

  • A short packaging optimization engagement to be completed by October 2019.
  • A longer packaging optimization engagement to be completed by the summer of 2020.

Both engagements will incorporate screening lifecycle assessments (LCAs) of the company’s current packaging system to establish a baseline, and the new and/or improved packaging system. The companies involved will provide the BOMs of the package (material, mass of material, package type, PCR content, etc.); modeling and analysis will be completed by Trayak, in consultation with the participating company. Following each engagement, a case study will be produced to showcase real-world examples of climate-smart packaging improvements and quantify subsequent environmental benefits. They will highlight the process, strategies, techniques, and tools/software solutions used to identify and manage packaging improvements and document the associated environmental benefits.

Benefits for Selected Candidates
The two Climate Collaborative packaging-committed companies selected will receive:

  • Highly discounted access to sustainable package expertise and consulting from Trayak.
  • Opportunity to execute on a sustainable packaging initiative with documented results and verified
  • Visibility among Climate Collaborative committed companies.
  • A case study produced in consultation with Trayak; can be used for promotion.

The subject company will receive a comparison report detailing the environmental impacts of the baseline packaging system and the improved/alternative packaging system, illuminating environmental hotspots of the packaging and providing insight into where efforts should be focused to maximize emissions reductions.

The cost will be determined based on the scope of the project, but the subject company will receive a deep discount to Trayak’s LCA and consultation services because of the partnership between Trayak and the Climate Collaborative.

How to Participate
1. Write to [email protected] with “Trayak Optimization Candidate Application” in the subject line. Indicate the project type you would like to participate in, and describe how you meet the candidate & project profile (Appendix 1). Applications are due by May 31 2019.
2. The Climate Collaborative and Trayak will respond by June 7th, 2019 with next steps.



Project 1: Short duration: Turnkey Off-the-Shelf packaging

  • Timeline June - October 2019
  • Participant Company and Trayak would work together to implement smaller packaging

strategies such as light-weighting, material change, or increasing PCR Content. Preferably the new design is off the shelf and can be quickly adopted.

      Requested Participant Company/Project Profile:

  • Should be working toward or recently implemented one of the smaller strategies listed above.
  • Ideally has a dedicated sustainability professional or packaging professional who would lead the project in the selected company.
  • Has relatively straightforward information gathering protocols for packaging systems.

Required packaging info can hopefully be found in the Package specifications.


Project 2: Longer Project: Re-Design or Change of Format of Package

  • Timeline: June 2019 – Summer 2020
  • Requested Participant Company Profile:
  • Hoping to make a large packaging system change (format change, redesign of package, etc.)
  • Ideally has a dedicated sustainability professional and a packaging engineer to work through the feasibility of the alternative concepts.

      Requested Participant Company/Project profile:

  • Involve cross-functional sectors of company
  • Implement redesign of packaging while considering climate impact right from the beginning.
  • Might involve a specific packaging supplier or proprietary process and a customized approach to modeling the packaging system
  • This engagement would go through all the steps of implementing a new package as well as analyzing the new package and communicating the result


This project is a collaboration between Trayak and the Climate Collaborative.

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