Last week was truly momentous on the U.S. climate action front, with the U.S. pledging to slash its emissions by half by 2030--twice the amount pledged as part of the initial U.S. Paris climate goal. We may look back at this moment and realize that this was the turning point when our nation committed to a path to solving the climate crisis.

This community helped make it happen! Your advocacy helped keep climate a top priority for the administration, and ensured climate provisions made it into the December stimulus bill. The America Is All In statement last December started a drumbeat of business demand for a stronger U.S. response to climate change, and last week's business letter, signed by 100+ CC companies, made front-page news in its urgent call for U.S. leadership on climate. It may feel that signing a letter doesn't make a difference, but I hope you can see with these examples just how important that simple act is. 

Now let's get to work. 

I hope you've signed up for the climate programming at Expo West where we will focus on three of our biggest levers -- justice, our supply chains, and engaging our stakeholders. 




Welcome to the newest companies making commitments, Lettuce Grow and Rviita Inc.! Click here for a complete list of the companies that have made commitments to date.

SPOTLIGHT: Stonyfield Organic Takes on Climate Advocacy & Farm-level Emissions


Our 2020 National Co+op Grocers Climate Collaborative Awards looked a bit different last year as we pivoted to a virtual celebration. We're continuing the celebration by profiling our 2020 winners. 

Our third interview is with Britt Lundgren, Director of Organic & Sustainable Agriculture at Stonyfield Organic, winner of the 2020 Outstanding Company Award. Read their profile here to hear their past year in climate action!


The Climate Collaborative is seeking a new Executive Director! If you are an experienced, energetic, positive leader with a strong background in corporate climate issues, or know someone who would be great, send them our way! You can see the full job description here


Business/Investor Letter in Support of an Ambitious U.S. 2030 Climate Goal

This March, we sent out a call for companies to sign on to support a strong and ambitious U.S. climate goal as part of the U.S. rejoining the Paris Climate Accords. You can see all of the signatories to the lettehere, including over 100 CC companies! Hundreds of news outlets, like NPR, are talking about how the business community is behind bold climate action. We know sign on fatigue is real, but it really does make a difference!



Recording: In Conversation - Dr. Bronner's & HEAL Food Alliance on building an inclusive, climate-smart supply chain

This month, Climate Collaborative hosted a fireside chat featuring Gero Leson in a special conversation with Navina Khanna. We explored the journey Dr. Bronner's has taken to build a regenerative, ethical supply chain that advances their climate goals while also improving livelihoods on the ground across their supply chain. Watch the recording here



Partner Opportunity: Call for Packaging Story Submissions! 

OSC is working on a Summer Packaging Campaign in June and July that seeks to create a platform for action and generate awareness around the reduction of plastics in our products, packaging, and personal lives. OSC wants to highlight the milestones and progress across our industry and requests that you share your stories that you'd like to be featured in this survey. Help OSC elevate your work during June and July!




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Clover Sonoma Commits to Sustainability Initiatives During Pandemic

Too Good, Marcus Samuelsson, Full Harvest Team Up to Fight Food Waste

Our Milk's Life Cycle Assessment

PCC Community Markets Partners with Seattle-Area Nonprofits to Create Farm-to-Food Bank Program

Kiwa Life HUBS Project

Jiminy's Cricket-based Treats Reduce Your Dog's Carbon & Water Footprint

Lovevery Announces Climate Action Strategy On Earth Day

Share your good news with us! In this new section of our newsletter, we want to share out climate-related progress, announcements and good news from our community in action. Send us an email at [email protected] to contribute to next month's section.


Virtual Climate Programming at Expo West 

Monday, May 24 12 PM ET // 11 AM PM CT // 10 AM MT // 9 AM PT

This Expo West, we'll be bringing world-class climate speakers and insights on climate change--you won't want to miss this virtual session. We've got exciting new project announcements, thought leadership keynotes, and leading industry voices lined up for the session. You'll hear new insights and gain expertise on approaching supplier engagement, consumer engagement, climate justice, and more. 

Register for Expo West here, and RSVP for the session here


Have you had any climate impact successes you think we should know about? Send them our way and we’ll make sure that your lessons learned benefit the whole community. 

Send us any blog or social media posts your company publishes about your experience reducing your impact on the climate and we’ll spread the word!

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If you haven't already made a commitment to Climate Action please visit the Climate Collaborative website and check out the nine areas in which your company can make a commitment to bold climate action.


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