As I write this on the winter solstice and we mark the beginning of the return of light, I am reminded of Valarie Kaur’s powerful words in Revolutionary Love, “What if this is not the darkness of the tomb – but the darkness of the womb? What if this is our greatest transition?”

We are indeed in a transition, whether Senator Manchin accepts it or not. Solar energy is exploding in the U.S. generating more than 23 times as much energy as it did just 10 years ago, driven in large part by plummeting prices. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that solar electricity is now the cheapest power on Earth. The market is responding. In 2020 and 2021, renewables accounted for 90% of new power capacity expansion globally. Meanwhile, in 2020, U.S. coal production decreased 24.2% year over year. It is predicted that by 2035 every new car sold in the U.S. could be electric. We are living the transition!

We can feel the momentum build in our network. More businesses than ever are stepping up and speaking out in support of bold climate action and implementing innovative new practices in their businesses.

Change is not easy, especially on the scale that is required if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change. Those who have benefited from the existing system will fight to the end. That’s why I am so proud of our community for stepping up over and over in 2021, most recently with hundreds of you signing on to the Ceres business letter to U.S. Senators urging them to support bold climate action at the scale of the crisis.

While we will have dark moments like the momentary setback with the Build Back Better bill, we must also remember that change can happen very fast. Thanks to you and your commitment to addressing the challenge of climate change, I am hopeful that in the year ahead we will take big steps, make huge progress, and bring the transition to life.

Wishing you all a blessed solstice and happy and healthy holidays with your loved ones.

With gratitude,

Courtney Pineau

Climate Collaborative Executive Director


Partner Campaign: One Step Closer To Zero Waste

One Step Closer (OSC) is launching its newest impact campaign in January 2022, which is focused on advancing circular packaging solutions to move towards a zero waste future. The One Step Closer to Zero Waste Campaign aims to create a platform for action and generate inspiration for the reduction and/or elimination of single-use plastics in our products, packaging, and personal lives. The campaign will run through January and February of 2022, leading into an in-person activation at Expo West in March. 

OSC is seeking brands and industry members to mobilize, and participate by re-sharing OSC posts and campaign assets, creating their own tailored assets (using the Campaign Guidelines/Partner Toolkit) to share their own packaging work, engaging with legislators via ASBC, or joining circular economy dialogues on key topics during January and February. Brands that want to take their engagement a step further are called to make a commitment to transition at least one packaging material to a more sustainable option by the end of 2022. If you have any questions on the campaign, please reach out to Alyssa Harding, Packaging Collaborative Director.


How to use your brand voice for activism in 2022

When CPGs and retailers united around #Call4ClimateNow in support of the Build Back Better Act, they proved that business can—and should—be used as a force for good. Here's how you and your customers can get involved in climate activism in 2022.

The top 2021 natural products industry trends--and 2022 predictions

Following the 2021 Glasgow Climate Change Conference, the U.S. rejoining the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and the fact that the latter Agreement’s deadlines are quickly upon us, companies have been working steadfastly to address climate change through business practices. Now, they’re sharing this with consumers through climate smart messaging.



Nearly 400 companies urge the U.S. Senate to unleash the Build Back Better Act's historic investments in climate, clean jobs, savings, and more

As the U.S. Senate prepares to debate the Build Back Better Act, nearly 400 companies of all sizes and industries from across the country are urging lawmakers to pass its ambitious climate, clean energy, and environmental justice measures. See the full sign-on list here

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If you haven't already made a commitment to Climate Action please visit the Climate Collaborative website and check out the nine areas in which your company can make a commitment to bold climate action.


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