We know many of you are working from home or away from the office, and we hope you are coping and staying safe amid these strange times. Wherever you may be, we wanted to share a few of our favorite webinars covering our industry's most pressing climate concerns. 

regen_ag.JPGMapping the Regenerative Standards Landscape

We kicked off our 2020 programming with an in-depth look at the regenerative standards landscape, featuring speakers from the Savory Institute, Soil Carbon Index, and the Regenerative Organic Alliance. 

What's In It For Me? Incentivizing Suppliers Around Climate

project_gigaton.JPGDo you wish you could have a conversation about how to engage your supply chain on climate mitigation with one of the world’s leading retailers? Walmart shared their approach to engaging their supply chain partners around climate mitigation, and the successes and learnings they've gained to date. We heard about their two-pronged strategy of incentivization and empowerment in engaging suppliers.

Right Side Up: The Lowdown on Packaging Lifecycle Climate Impacts and Opportunities

packaging_webinar_crop.jpgNancy Hirshberg of Hirshberg Strategic provided an overview of the climate impacts of packaging across product lifecycles, and identifies strategies companies can employ to reduce the impacts. This is one of our earliest webinars!

Taking on Transport: A Roadmap to Reducing Your Freight-Related Footprint

bsr_2.JPGLast July we dove into the practical, leading global tools and resources aimed at helping companies assess and measure impacts throughout their transportation systems. We were joined by BSR who shared valuable information on their working groups as well as a roadmap of associated resources. 

Waste Not, Want Not: Reducing Food Waste in the Supply Chain

wasted.JPGEmissions related to food waste from farm to landfill are a significant contributor to climate change. However, food waste is a tricky problem— one where collaborations through the supply chain must be leveraged to obtain impactful results. Join the NRDC, ReFED and Glen's Garden Market to learn more about how food companies combat climate change through food waste reduction! 


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