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Climate Action in the Food Industry Starts Here

We believe collaboration is essential to accelerating climate action at scale, and through collaboration the grocery industry has the capacity to lead on climate action. 

The Climate Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to activate rigorous climate action in the grocery industry. We remove barriers to climate action for companies through education, pre-competitive collaborations, policy opportunities, and a Commitment Program that provides high-impact pathways for climate engagement. Since the organization’s founding in 2017, it has catalyzed and tracked the public climate commitments from more than 760 companies. The Climate Collaborative currently works with thousands of brands, distributors, retailers, and associations to accelerate meaningful and just climate action and advocacy throughout the food system.


The Climate Collaborative hosts accelerators for grocery professionals to learn best practices in a single subject area, through eight online sessions that combine expert presentations with facilitated networking to support peer-to-peer learning. The...
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