• published Big Announcement & Exciting Opportunity in Blog 2021-03-22 15:50:16 -0700

    Big Announcement & Exciting Opportunity

    This week, I have exciting news to share on the next steps in the Climate Collaborative’s work, though it is bittersweet for me personally. In late April, I will be stepping back from the Climate Collaborative to take on a new challenge and adventure—I’ll be able to share more on that soon.

    Alongside that, we are excited to announce that we are seeking a new Executive Director for the Climate Collaborative. This person will be taking on leadership of a thriving nonprofit amid its busiest year yet; to meet that challenge, we are seeking an experienced, energetic, positive leader with a strong background in corporate climate issues.

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  • SME Climate Hub Offers Small Companies a Global Platform to Act

    This April, the U.S. is expected to formally announce a new climate commitment, adding an official target (called a nationally determined contribution or NDC) to back up our January reentry into the Paris Climate Accords. 

    Alongside that, for the first time ever, small-and medium-sized companies now have a platform for being part of the global climate agenda. The SME Hub, announced last fall, will be serving as a registry and resource hub for companies making proactive net zero commitments. 

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  • Foundations of Climate Justice - Check out the new Playbook & Webinar

    Last week B Lab launched a new Climate Justice Playbook for Business (downloadable here) to provide companies with a resource for beginning to actively incorporate racial justice and equity considerations into climate projects and corporate priorities. We held a webinar to mark the launch and to begin exploring what climate justice projects can look like for our industry. It featured an all-star speaker line-up: 

    • Michelle Romero, the National Director of Green For All, provided keynote remarks that framed up why every business in our industry should be thinking more about how they are advancing climate justice
    • Raj Aggarwal, President of Provoc, a JEDI consultancy and one of the lead contributors to the Playbook, gave an overview of the Playbook
    • He then led a discussion with Pukka Herbs' Natalie Sluggett and Kevin Lee from Dr. Bronner's on how they are incorporating climate justice into supply chain projects and staff engagement priorities
    • CC co-Founder Lara Dickinson joined to share resources that the new JEDI Collaborative has developed to support companies
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  • Numi Tea Founders on What's Ahead in Climate Action

    The CC's Erin Callahan sat down with Numi Tea co-founders Ahmed Rahim and Reem Hassani, winners of the 2020 National Co+op Grocers Climate Collaborative Influencer Award, to talk through the last year in climate action and what's ahead for the industry--including how we bring last year's racial justice movement into our climate work. They also shared some secrets of their decades' long experience driving collaborative action across the natural products industry.

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  • published A Bit of Hope in 2020 in Blog 2020-12-21 15:19:06 -0800

    A Bit of Hope in 2020

    It’s impossible to encompass a year like 2020 in a few short paragraphs, and so I won’t try to do that. Instead, I just want to say that our combined work at the Climate Collaborative has given me immense hope in an otherwise tumultuous and difficult year. Thank you for being part of it.

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  • published America is All In on Climate Action in Blog 2020-12-10 09:12:52 -0800

    America is All In on Climate Action

    Today, ahead of Saturday's five year anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement, more than 1,400+ businesses, cities, states, investors, and other U.S. institutions stood together and called for an ambitious and equitable national climate response. 

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  • published Resources for a Climate-Smart Recovery in Blog 2020-07-31 14:26:25 -0700

    Resources for a Climate-Smart Recovery

    Below, you’ll find links to resources we've developed to help businesses in our community advocate for a climate-smart recovery to the COVID economic crisis. You can watch our August 6 Advocacy Training and Briefing here.

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