We're excited to share a new packaging quick guide we've developed with our partner Trayak, as well as an upcoming opportunity to work with Trayak at an exclusively discounted rate as they develop two case studies for our industry.

Packaging Quick Guide


Trayak and the Climate Collaborative have co-developed a quick guide on packaging to help companies as they start to build an internal approach toward packaging optimization.

In a recent Climate Collaborative survey, companies overwhelmingly identified packaging as their most challenging commitment area. This guide seeks to help companies understand 1) climate-smart packaging strategies and tactics that companies can implement, and 2) a sustainable packaging design process that can help companies adapt their packaging to improve its environmental impacts. Check out the guide here.

Call for Candidates: Climate-Smart Packaging Optimization

packaging_consultation.pngThrough our partnership with Trayak, we are also excited to announce a call for candidates on a climate-smart packaging optimization project. Trayak is offering a unique opportunity for Climate Collaborative packaging-committed companies to engage in two packaging climate optimization studies. Each study will focus on working directly with one company to optimize an identified packaging type to reduce climate-related impacts. These two projects include:

  • A short packaging optimization engagement to be completed by October 2018.
  • A longer packaging optimization engagement to be completed by summer of 2019

Benefits of participation include highly discounted access to sustainable package expertise and consulting from Trayak, the opportunity to execute on a sustainable packaging initiative with documented results and verified data/methods, and a case study that will raise visibility on your packaging work among Climate Collaborative committed companies and beyond! 

To participate, write [email protected] with “Trayak Optimization Candidate Application” in the subject line, and let us know which case study you are interested in! Learn more here.

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