Call for Candidates Climate-Smart Packaging Optimization

Trayak_logo.JPGTrayak is offering an opportunity for Climate Collaborative packaging-committed companies to engage in two package climate optimization studies. Each study will focus on working directly with one company to optimize an identified packaging type to reduce climate-related impacts; these two projects include:

  • A short packaging optimization engagement to be completed by October 2019.
  • A longer packaging optimization engagement to be completed by the summer of 2020.
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A Big Earth Day “Thank You” to the Natural Products Industry

Today is Earth Day, a day that causes all of us working on climate to pause, assess how we are doing, celebrate wins, and challenge ourselves to do more. Three years ago on Earth Day, the historic Paris Climate Accords were signed, setting out the first truly global effort to drawdown emissions; and next year marks the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day holiday.

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Partner Blog: Organic Valley and Dr. Bronner's Launch Grassroots Aid Partnership

Written by Organic Valley and Dr. Bronner's, conveners of the Grassroots Aid Partnership

At GAP, we’re excited to announce our new partnerships gearing us up for ongoing climate and other disasters well ahead of hurricane season. Through the platform of Climate Day, we saw international leaders combating climate change with innovative company practices and leaders in mass care response to climate disasters in the same room—effectively tackling the problem from both ends!

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Signs of Hope: Climate Policy takes Centerstage

If one thing has excited me this past month, it’s been seeing climate policy take center stage in the platforms of numerous candidates on the campaign trail and watching the companies in our network enthusiastically embrace the next frontier -- climate policy.

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2019 Climate Collaborative Tracking Progress Update: Your FAQs

We are excited to share the link and information for our annual update request for all committed companies! This is our primary mechanism for tracking how companies are progressing against Climate Collaborative commitments! We have built it out to be as easy to complete as possible, and to avoid duplicating other reporting you are doing. Please see below for common questions you may have as you fill it out.

You can find and fill out the update here.

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Want more from the Climate Day Resource Fair? Check here!

If you attended Climate Day this year, we hope you didn't miss out on our Resource Fair at the back of the room, where we tried to bring together key partners that can help companies go deeper in their climate goal-setting and actions. 

In case you want more information, we've provided a list below of our key Resource Fair partners and information. You can always find more information on our Resources and Partners pages too.

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Reflections on Climate Day 2019 – Moving Forward Together

Two years into the Climate Collaborative’s work, the natural products industry truly feels energized. I felt this palpably a few days ago at Climate Day, from the way people stood up one after the other to commit to climate action during the session to the sea of commitments companies proudly displayed at their booths to the tenor of people’s remarks throughout the day.

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Video of Climate Impact

In the lead up to Climate Day this year, we asked for videos sharing the positive impact and progress you're seeing in your climate work. We received a tremendous number of videos from companies across the industry showcasing your work. Enjoy the compilation of great work throughout the industry! 

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