ReFED’s Insights Engine is Driving Toward a Food Waste-Free Future

I hope you were able to join last week’s food waste webinar, featuring an exclusive training on the new ReFED Insights Engine. In case you missed it, here is a run-down of a fantastic set of new food waste resources to support your food waste prevention journey:

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Keeping Climate a Top Priority Amid COVID: An Interview with Outpost Natural Foods

Outpost_homepage_thumb.pngWe are taking stock of climate action in 2020 and what's ahead for the industry through a series of interviews with the 2020 National Co+op Grocers Climate Collaborative Awards winners. This week we sat down with Kurt Baehmann, Sustainability Manager at Outpost Natural Foods, winner of the 2020 Outstanding Company Award. (View our previous interview with Numi Organic Tea).

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Foundations of Climate Justice - Check out the new Playbook & Webinar

Last week B Lab launched a new Climate Justice Playbook for Business (downloadable here) to provide companies with a resource for beginning to actively incorporate racial justice and equity considerations into climate projects and corporate priorities. We held a webinar to mark the launch and to begin exploring what climate justice projects can look like for our industry. It featured an all-star speaker line-up: 

  • Michelle Romero, the National Director of Green For All, provided keynote remarks that framed up why every business in our industry should be thinking more about how they are advancing climate justice
  • Raj Aggarwal, President of Provoc, a JEDI consultancy and one of the lead contributors to the Playbook, gave an overview of the Playbook
  • He then led a discussion with Pukka Herbs' Natalie Sluggett and Kevin Lee from Dr. Bronner's on how they are incorporating climate justice into supply chain projects and staff engagement priorities
  • CC co-Founder Lara Dickinson joined to share resources that the new JEDI Collaborative has developed to support companies
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Numi Tea Founders on What's Ahead in Climate Action

The CC's Erin Callahan sat down with Numi Tea co-founders Ahmed Rahim and Reem Hassani, winners of the 2020 National Co+op Grocers Climate Collaborative Influencer Award, to talk through the last year in climate action and what's ahead for the industry--including how we bring last year's racial justice movement into our climate work. They also shared some secrets of their decades' long experience driving collaborative action across the natural products industry.

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Starting off the year with some good news

As we kick off a new and hopefully less tumultuous year, I wanted to share some GOOD climate news we already have coming down the pike in 2021. Hundreds of Climate Collaborative companies stepped up and engaged in policy advocacy last year—many for the first time—through LEAD on Climate, America is All in, and dozens of state-based efforts.

Today I can tell you, your efforts are making a difference.  

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A Bit of Hope in 2020

It’s impossible to encompass a year like 2020 in a few short paragraphs, and so I won’t try to do that. Instead, I just want to say that our combined work at the Climate Collaborative has given me immense hope in an otherwise tumultuous and difficult year. Thank you for being part of it.

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Download the report here.

What is the Tracking Progress Update?

The Climate Collaborative’s (CC) Tracking Progress Update highlights progress that committed companies are making around their climate action commitments. We ask these questions via a short annual survey. Questions cover where in the implementation process companies are, whether they are quantifying emissions reductions, and details on their progress; this year, we also asked about the impacts of COVID-19 on climate planning. Companies are expected to provide information for each commitment they have made, and quantitative data is welcome but not required.

This update is the primary way we assess progress in the industry on an annual basis. In our third tracking progress cycle (2020), we asked all companies that made commitments before December 31, 2019, to respond, a total of 463 companies (this was a large increase from the previous year’s sample of 177 companies). Additionally, we expect but do not receive a 100% response rate, so this analysis is not exhaustive of all company commitments.

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